Are You in Need of a 15 Passenger Van Rental?

15 passenger vans are a great way to get a medium sized group around town, and they are drivable without any special drivers licenses.

This makes them a great option for church groups, school groups, family gatherings and special events.

What Do You Need to Know Before Renting?

Driving Skills

As mentioned above, you don't need any special license to drive these vans.  However, if you are going to be driving it in urban areas, make sure you feel confident in your skills driving, turning, reversing and parking a large vehicle.

I can tell you from my experience that driving large vans is not hard- I do it on a monthly basis for my church.  However, it does take some getting used to, so start slow!  

Consider finding a vacant parking lot to practice in before you drive a vehicle full of distracting people!

If backing up in a minvan gives you the willies, then you probably should find someone else who can drive the van.  Remember that any and all accidents in your rental vehicle will be expensive and cause your insurance to go up!

Cost of Rental

Like moving trucks or rental cars, the cost of renting is based on mileage and time.  Every company has slightly different rates and offers, and you really just need to figure out your expected usage and get out your calculator to find the best deal.

Be sure to search out online coupon codes and AAA discounts - they very much do exist and can save you a bunch of money!


Looking at the obvoius, a 15 passenger van has room for 15 people and their luggage, right?

Unforunately, that's not 100% true.  While you can technically fit all of that in, 15 adults won't be comfortable in such a configuration.  Newer Sprinter vans are more comfortable, but come at a higher cost.  The only dedicated luggage space in most vans is a small area in the back, only a little bigger than a mini-van's cargo area.

The redeeming fact in this is that many rental companies can also get you a small trailer to hold your belonings and make your ride much more comfortable!

Special Features

Last, but oh-so-certainly not least are the special features offered in newer vans to keep your travelers entertained!  Most rental companies can offer you wifi packages,  TV's, DVD players, video games and more.  Inquire during your intial call for rates and availability.  These fun additions can make a long trip really, really fun!

15 Passenger Van RentalCredit: Thanks to the <a href="">US Army</a> for this photo!