You Make Any Of These Projects In Your Spare Time And With Minimal Tools...

Metal working has been as prevalent in the past, as in present times. As the name implies, it’s a procedure of transforming a plain piece of metal into something substantial and innovative.

Some people do it to earn a living, while others do simply do it to fulfill their hobbies. Either way, it’s a fantastic experience having to build a fine object from a mere piece of metal.

The following metal working projects are ideal for novice and intermediate level metalworkers.

#1: Hand Shaped Key Rack

A key rack is indeed a necessity for all those who possess a bunch of key chains. This brings us to the first metal working project i.e. a hand shaped key rack.

You’ll require a bench grinder, hacksaw, drill machine, coping saw, a couple of pliers, file and lastly a piece of 18 gauge steel.

  • Start by cutting it into the shape of a hand using a hacksaw and thereafter, switch to a coping saw. Once that done, drill out a couple of holes on the lowest part of the hand. Generally, the holes have to be the size of the nails (which will fix it on the wall).
  • Now with the help of a bench grinder, make the edges of the finger tips smooth. Moreover, clean up using a file in places where the grinder is unreachable.
  • Finally, bend the bottom part of the hand at an angle of 90 degree. Also, bend the fingers slightly from the centre so that the keys don’t fall off.

#2: Copper Cuff

If you happen to be a jewelry fan, then this project will definitely catch your interest. Copper cuff is an ideal jewelry accessory for traditional and historic clothing. Just a word of caution: this project involves sharp tools and therefore, must be handled carefully.

  • First and foremost, you have the measure you wrist by wrapping a tape around it. And this measurement will be the length of the copper tube.
  • Next, cut the tube with the help of a tube cutter or hacksaw. For this step, it’s suggested that you use aviation snips. Also, one side of the tube is likely to turn inwards, making it harder to cut further.  Always keep in mind not to split the cut with your hands or you may end up injuring yourself.

#3: Pencil Holder

Another terrific idea is to create a unique man-shaped pencil holder. For this you will require a sheet metal, protractor bench grinder, coping and hacksaw project

  • First of all, you will shape (cut) the metal sheet into a man’s body with the help of a coping saw and hacksaw respectively.
  • Now make the shoulders, head and any sharp cuts round using a bench grinder.
  • Finally, with the help of vice grips, bend one leg followed with the upper wrists at a 160 degree angle, lower wrist at 120 and shoulders at 50 degree.

#4: Pac-Man Bottle Opener

Bottle openers are quite handy, especially if you run a liquor and or beverage store. Things that you need to have are jigsaw, scrap steel, paint marker, one eighth inch twist bit, and glasses for protection.

Here’s how to make a fancy Pac-Man opener:

  • Cut the metal sheet with a jigsaw into a round shape, resembling that of “Pac-Man”. Then mark the eyes and mouth with a paint marker. Also make two teeth in the mouth that can be used to open the bottles.
  • Thereafter, drill holes in the eyes with a 1/8 drill. In case you want to expand it, you can do so with a unibit.
  • Once done with that, clean out the jigsaw marks with the help of a belt sander.
  • Then put a couple of coats of primer followed by yellow paint. After it dries, the opener is ready to use.

#5: Fork Bracelet - A Unique Accessory

A fork bracelet is indeed a fantastic idea for people who believe in creativity and exclusivity. With the following steps, you too can make one in no time. You will require a few basic tools such as pliers, sandpaper, gas burner and most importantly a fork.

  • Take the fork and turn a couple prongs slightly downwards. Heating it will make the process easier. Moreover, you can bend the prongs according to the shape you want.
  • After shaping it, start to curl the top part inwards. Similarly, curl the lower portion as well.
  • Lastly, shed the bracelet to give make it more attractive.

#6: Nickel Ring

In order to make a nickel ring, you must have a ring mandrel, car polish, hammer, grist sandpaper (100, 200) and dermal.

  1. First, drill a hole in the nickel, which should be approximately ¼ in diameter.
  2. The second step is to fit it on the mandrel. Ensure that the hole-size is big enough to fit through.
  3. Subsequently, place it on the mandrel and hammer it a bit until it is one inch lesser that the required fit.
  4. After that, start hammering it harder at a 45 degree angle, so that in bends the rim (of the ring).
  5. In the end, sand or grind the ring adequately so that it looks good and then shine it with car polish.

#7 Dragonfly

Have you ever thought of making a dragon fly with ordinary metal pieces? If you haven’t, here a simple and exciting way of making one:

First of all, you will have to get a few things such as a big bolt (body), bobby pins (wings), nuts bolts (mouth), bead in nuts (eyes), bent wires (legs) hot glue sticks and small glue gun.

  • With the help of hot glue, stick the head together which comprises the eyes and mouth.
  • Thereafter, fix the back and front legs to the big bolt (body) and then again fix the remaining sets of legs to it.
  • Attach the wings to the back alternatively with hot glue.
  • Similarly, stick the head to the body and your dragonfly is ready.

#8: Clothes Hanger Hooks

Clothes hanger hooks are great for ensuring that your clothes stay crumple-free. Here’s a how to make a unique and sturdy hook:

  • Get yourself a set of sturdy spanners followed with some screws.
  • Now drill a couple of holes into them, one at the top and other in the center.
  • After that take the spanners and heat them.
  • Once they are hot and soft, bend them from the lower end, so that it resembles a hook.
  • Allow it to cool down (in water) and then attach it to the wall with help of screws.

#9: Metal Flower

Do you have a penchant for flowers? If you have, then you surely will be interested in knowing how to make a unique metal flower.

  • First of all, choose a metal sheet with a yellowish color (for added effect).
  • After that, make small pieces of the sheet (which will resemble petals) with the help of plasma cutter.
  • Then using pliers pull out the petals slowly by joggling it. In case you cannot separate it, use the cutter again to further make the cuts deeper.
  • Subsequently, cut the stem in the same way you cut the petals. Just make sure it’s straight.
  • Once done with that, cut the centre part of the flower in a round shape and then pull it out as you did in the previous instances.
  • Having cut all the parts of the flower (the petals, stem and centre), weld them together. Keep in mind that the parts are well balanced and positioned.
  • In the end, just bend the petal ever so slightly inwards for extra effect.

#10: Fish Shaped Key Holder

The easiest way to make a fish holder from a metal piece is as given below:

  • You will start by drawing an outline of a fish on the metal sheet.
  • Once the outline is made, cut along it ensuring you don’t go out.
  • After having cut it, place the fish on a flat surface and hammer the areas with an unwanted bend. Remember to make the sharp edges smooth.
  • The next step involves hooks. Take some hooks and hammer its end so that it becomes flat. Thereafter, drill a hole on the flattened end.
  • Now drill four holes on the lower part of the fish. After that, align the holes of the fish and hooks, riveting them together.
  • For an attractive look, add texture and color to the fish.

#11: Chalk Holder

Another simple yet exciting metal working project is a chalk holder. Follow the steps below to make a good one without spending a lot of time.

  • The first step involves shaping the brass. After choosing the thickness of the rod, cut to approximately 4 to 6 inches (length).
  • Thereafter, place it in a drill press chuck and set the pace to high.
  • Now shape the rod according to your preference employing a range of files.
  • Subsequently, make a hole on one side of the rod and fix it to a keychain.
  • Coming to the leather, take a 1.25’ *5 piece of leather and drench it.
  • Then wrap in around the chalk and allow it to dry.
  • Pierce holes in the leather (end) and put grommets.
  • Finally, join the keychain (in the rod) to the grommets.

#12: Lantern

Another cool metal working project is a cooper lantern. The process of building it is given below: Copper sheet, scrap wires 14-gauge, pliers, wire cutter are some of the important tools required for this project.

  • With the help of computer, create a layout for the base and the top of the lantern.
  • Now cut the sheet accordingly using a vise.
  • Subsequently, cut 4 pieces of copper wires, 8 inch long, and 2 pieces of 10 inch.
  • Now bend the wires according to your preferred shape. For instance, you can bend the two 10-inch wires in the shape of a doorpost and the rest into S-shaped designs.
  • Finally, solder the wires to the base and roof.

#13: Butterfly

Butterflies are indeed a delight to watch. Ever imagined a metal butterfly? The following steps well help you in creating one easily:

First of all, you have to get some important things before starting this project such as a 22-gauge steel sheet, solid-core wire, vice, pliers, tin snips, different metal files, Anvil and hammer.

  1. Now cut the sheet into the shape of a butterfly using tin snips.
  2. It’s likely that the butterfly will have sharp and rough edges. So therefore, smoothen it with the help of files.
  3. Then begin hammering it slightly on the wings so that in develops a slight curve. Moreover, you can make slight bends through pliers too.
  4. You will complete it by placing an antenna in the front. The antenna can be made by two solid core wires. Finally attach it to the butterfly’s body.

#14: Bush Craft Knife

This is by far the easiest and shortest project. You will just require a dremel, sandpaper and files to perform this one. Here’s how to do it:

  • First you will harden the blade by putting it in white coals and subsequently quench it in water.
  • Then polish it using a 180, 220 and 240 grit successively.
  • In the end, apply a polishing compound with the dremel to make it lustrous.

#15: Brass Pendant

If you aren’t fond of wearing pendants, maybe you know someone who is? Here’s how you can make one using a nickel.

  • First and foremost, place the nickel on a smooth surface and then hammer it. Just ensure the surface is relatively smooth.
  • Thereafter, cut the shape using tin snips.
  • Now curve the shape. You can either do so with the help of a spoon, the top of a carriage bolt or with anything similar to that.
  • Then make it into the shape of a teardrop. You can do so with the help of a drill press and sanding attachment.
  • Once that’s done, roll the narrow end of the teardrop inwards with a hammer and drill bit.
  • After that make its edges and body smooth by using sandpaper.
  • Finally, put a shine on the pendant using a polishing compound.