15 Thingo T-Shirt: Does It Get Rid of Bingo Wings

Women with fat around their belly are never happy and will do anything they can to get rid of it. That is because it is considered unattractive and unhealthy. The same goes for women with large hips and big thighs. They will strive to lose weight and exercise as much as they can in order to get rid of their big thighs. The whole scenario is repeated when women have what is commonly called bingo wings. If you don't know what bingo wings, just think of them are as fat that deposited on your upper arms.

It is often thought that only women who are obese or plus size suffer from bingo wings. That is not true because they're also slender or slim women with the same problem. Most women are not conscious of their bingo wings until they have to wear a sleeveless outfit. Some people say having large open arms is sexy but a lot of women will disagree with you. If you don't want to exercise and don't want to go on in intensive diet, is there something you can do to get rid of your excess upper arm fat?

Thingo T-shirt is another marketing gimmick designed to help you reduce the effect of bingo wings. Like most spandex like product this T-shirt will cost you about $15. It promises to help you go about reducing your large upper arms the lazy way. This of course will sound appealing to a lot of women in that situation. However, this T-shirt called the Thingo doesn't actually get rid of anything. All it does is that it tries to make your upper arms and waistline look more toned. It is also strange that the manufacturers didn't use a plus size woman in their marketing campaign. They use a woman that is already slim and doesn't have bingo wings to worry about. This of course makes it difficult to tell if this will be effective without spending $15 to find out.

Thingo T-shirt that promises to help you reduce the effect of bingo wings is just a marketing hype. One of the problems is that you're supposed to wear these tight-fitting T-shirt under your normal outfit. What happens if you do decide to wear a sleeveless dress? You will have of these black Thingo sticking out like a sore thumb.

It is obvious that there is no easy way to look toned without something drastic like dieting and exercising. You might wonder why some women will still buy these T-shirts even if they know it might not work for them. A lot of people are willing to try anything and spending $15 is probably not a big issue. It has to be said that if you are planning to wear a jumper or another type of long sleeve dress the Thingo might help a little. Don't gout and buy this product thinking it is a miracle T-shirt that will solve all your problems.

If you need something in the winter to make you look trimmed, you can also just by a smaller size T-shirt. It will basically have the same effect as buying the $15 Thingo.