If you're like me, you've found yourself recently thinking "Where did my summer go?" The time definitely goes by quckly. Even if you've done a lot over the last few months, there’s still some time to squeeze in a few more activities before the official end of summer. Here are my top picks for things to do before the end of summer. These are in no particular order. If you have a great idea that I’ve left out, please share it!

1. Have a Picnic or BBQ

Spread out a blanket and enjoy sandwiches or grill up something and have a BBQ. If you’re on a budget and short on time, this could be substituted by taking your lunch break outdoors, either way it will be a relaxing way to enjoy the weather.


BBQ grill(110396)

2. Go on a Bike Ride

This is a great healthy way to enjoy the weather and a chance to explore the neighborhood. Or if by “bike” you’re thinking Harley’s or Honda’s this could mean exploring the west coast. Either way it’s time to get the bike out before the end of summer.

3. Take Outdoor Photos

This is a great way to remember the best days of summer. One way to get some ideas of what to shoot is to search for the “photo a day challenge”. This will give you a daily photo ideas almost like a scavenger hunt. If you’re feeling up for the challenge you could try to take all 30 photos in one weekend.

4. Go for a Walk

Whether you're on the beach, in the woods or in a busy downtown area, enjoy not having to wear a jacket and go for a stroll. To make the walk more fun bring a dog if you have one, and if you don’t, you could always try to borrow a friend's.


Dog waiting for walk

5. Star Gaze

All you need is a clear night and a warm blanket, and preferably a place away from city lights. See how many shooting stars you can count!

6. Get a Free Tan

You don’t have to worry about turning orange if you’re tanning outdoors. Use sunscreen at your own discretion. Enjoy all the extra vitamin D. Tanning the natural way is not only healthier, it's free. 

Clouds and sun

7. Camping

If you haven’t done this for the summer yet, there’s still plenty of time. You could go like Bear Grylls into the woods with only a knife and some string however, If you have kids, "camping" can be as simple as setting up a tent in the living room.

8. Roadtrip

Get in the car and go. This doesn’t have to be planned out, or be very far from home. Make a weekend getaway with some friends and see New York City, or just take a trip to the ocean.

Road Trip(110395)

9. Make Homemade Iced-Tea or Smoothies

Homemade always tastes better. Once you have your recipe perfected, be sure to write out the ingredients so you can make it again!

10. Make a Bonfire and Roast Marshmallows

This is one of my personal favorite things about summertime. Be sure to have enough wood to keep the fire going for a while. Roasted marshmallows are good but S'mores are even better.

Bon Fire

11. Read Outdoors

This will feed your brain and also your vitamin D deficiency. Enjoy some natural light and a nice breeze alongside your favorite mystery series.  (You may also be able to do #6 while doing this one) 

12. Visit the Zoo

Lions, tigers and bears. See your favorite animals at the Zoo like you can't see them anywhere else. Be sure to bring your camera and some comfortable walking shoes. 

This is only a small selection of ideas of things to do before the end of summer. If you have more ideas that didn't make the list I'd love to hear your suggestions.