Most of us have been burnt in relationships before hence starting a relationship with someone can be scary. So take your time before you dive into a new relationship. Think about whether the other party is Mr or Mrs Right for you. Here are 15 tips for you to consider before starting a relationship.

1. Take things slow

It is always good to take things slow and do not let yourself get caught up in the moment and rush everything through. I’m not referring to just sex, but from saying “I love you” to meeting your partner’s family. Sometimes the key to making things interesting is to take things slow.

2. Compromise

One of the major key to having a good relationship is compromising with your partner. Things are never going to work out if both parties are not willing to give and take.

3. Do not forget about yourself

Yes, compromising is important however, it does not mean you need to compromise all the time. Your partner has to compromise too. Find the balance between what is right for your relationship and what is right for you.

4. Settle the past

Before you can embark on your next relationship, make sure you do not have any dirt hidden away in your closet. Settle the past; make sure your present is not near your past to affect your present or your future. If your closet is dirty, take as much time as you need to make peace with your past and do not commit to a new person yet.

5. Learn to trust again

As the saying goes – Once bitten, twice shy. It is not easy to trust someone again especially after a bad breakup. When trust is broken we get broken along too and trusting people again is even harder. However, bear in mind not to torture yourself because of someone else’s mistake. Allow yourself to heal and realize that there are wonderful people everywhere.

6. Choose your battles

Do not be too stubborn and fight over everything in order to get your way as this will not work in a healthy relationship. Pick and choose the right battles instead of wasting your time and energy arguing over every single issue.

7. Self-love

You need to love yourself first before you can love anyone else. Are you comfortable being in your own skin? Be clear about your expectations and values. Love yourself enough to not settle for less.

8. Do not be too dependent on each other

Being dependent on each other to the extent that you cannot function without your partner may sound romantic and sweet, but it is not! In fact, it can ruin your relationship as you will drive each other crazy. Be your own person!

9. Do not forget the lessons

You can forget the past, you can forget the pain but whatever you forget, do not forget the lesson! This is how you grow as a person - learn from your mistakes and move forward.

10. Know that feeling bored and restless is normal

You may feel a little bored and restless even if you are in a happy relationship. You may start to wonder what it is like to be single again or imagine life without your partner. That is okay. It happens. You do not need to guilt trip yourself for that and subconsciously sabotage your relationship.

11. Be willing to forgive

Do not carry the negative energy of your past relationship into your new relationship. Alongside with compromising, forgiveness is also an important key to sustaining a healthy relationship.

12. You cannot change someone

You cannot change someone, no matter how much you want to. Do not deceive yourself into thinking you can change your partner. You cannot. People are who they are and they will change only if they want to.

13. Don’t forget your friends

Your partner may be your new best friend but do not forget your close friends. Everyone needs their network of friends. Your friends are your outlet to vent and chill. Hanging out with your friends will ensure you are not dependent on your partner thus giving him/her some space to breathe.

14. Give it your all

Don’t commit yourself to someone unless you can truly give your all. Be fair to your partner. No one likes it when they are giving their best and you are not making an effort to do your best.

15. Schedule date nights

Don’t get stuck in a routine of doing the same old things every time you and your partner hang out. Schedule something fun and interesting. Get out there and live it out!