Make money online with affiliate programs.

You can make money with affiliate programs such as Amazon, but don’t be fooled into thinking it doesn’t take work. It takes more than putting affiliate links on your website to generate sales. You have to give information to your readers that they want and need and know how to bring in the right traffic to your website. Here are 15 tips that will help increase your affiliate conversion rate on any website.

Have Clickable PicturesHow to increase conversion rateCredit: Flickr: SEOPlanter

Make all product pictures clickable affiliate links. Pictures draw the eye, and make people want to click them just to see what happens. If you don’t have your pictures set as clickable affiliate links, then you are losing clicks.

Use Buyer Keywords

To makes sales, you have to attract website visitors that are ready to buy. Buyers tend to use certain words in their searches, such as “review”, “which”, “help”, “great”, and “sale”. Use buyer keywords in your articles and you’ll be more likely to bring in customers that are ready to spend some money on a purchase.

Include the Product Description

Not only do potential buyers want to know the details of the product, the details bring in more searchers. People really do search for the product number, color, size, and ingredients of a product. So giving them that information answers their questions and adds good keywords to your article.

Write with Experience

Using the first person and personalizing a review make potential buyers feel connected to you and your opinion on the product. Go into detail about your experience with the product. What did you use if for? How long did you use it? Did the product live up to expectations and was a good value? Be honest. A review that says a product is perfect in every way is going to be unbelievable.

Did it Solve a Problem?

Many consumers are searching for a product to solve a problem. If you feel the product you are reviewing does solve a problem, state that in detail. For example, a searcher may be looking for ways to keep an iPad safe in toddler hands. Give your readers an iPad cover that will product it when in the hands of a 3-year-old and they will be willing to give it a try and make that purchase and increase your affiliate conversion rate.

Who Should Buy This Product

Explain who the product is best for. You may have absolutely loved the body lotion with glitter, but obviously this is not best for all consumers. Such a product might be best for a woman spending a night on the town, but not ideal for the office worker.

Show and Tell

Never just write about a product. Show it in details with pictures and videos. You don’t have to take your own photos or set up a video production studio in your home. You can usually use the product photos if you are an affiliate and the manufacturer may have videos ready to use on YouTube.  However, don’t overdo it. There’s a fine line when trying to engage a reader to make a sale and distracting a reader from making a purchase.

Offer Alternatives

If you have suggestions for a better product for a certain type of consumer, then give your readers that information. While the office worker may not want the body glitter lotion, she may appreciate an alternative suggestion for the office.

Deals and Coupons

Keep up on the affiliate program offers available to your customers. It may be more time consuming to change links weekly as coupons and deals end, but customers are more likely to click on a link that offers a great deal or coupon once they have decided to buy a product. For those on the fence about making a purchase, that deal may lead to them to a final purchase decision.


What do others have to say about the product? If you have friends or family who have used the product, ask them for a quote. You can also use short quotes you find elsewhere as long as you clearly give credit to where the quote came from. Not giving obvious credit or using too much text from another source is plagiarism and illegal.

Address Poor Reviews

If you have found other reviews online that are less than favorable that you disagree with, feel free to address those poor reviews.

Article Structure

Keep it short and sweet while also giving as much information as possible. People tend to scan website articles rather than read them in-depth. But that is even truer for a review because usually readers have specific questions in mind and they scan the page looking for the information they want to answer those questions.

Keep paragraphs short and use subheadings. If you need to expand, do it using bullet points or lists to keep the reading easy. Also mix it up. Mix the text, photos, and video in an appealing format that breaks up the long paragraphs.

Calls to Action

Somewhere you need to say where they can buy the product. A simple “buy it here” link satisfies this necessary component to any product review.

Website conversion rateCredit: JL Tuso

Use Action Colors

Many psychology experiments have taught us that human brain remembers and reacts to bold colors. The action color stands out against all the other text and photos on your site. It doesn’t matter necessarily what color you use, but it should not be the same as any other color on your website and it should pop out to the reader against all the other text and information on your website. Also it should be consistently the same color throughout the website. For example, if your action color is red, then all affiliate links should be red so readers are drawn to clicking it and know what to expect when clicking a red link.

Link Above the Fold

The “above the fold” of a webpage is the portion of the webpage a reader can see without ever scrolling down. Now Google likes websites that have a lot of good information above the fold. But readers are less likely to click any affiliate links below the fold because many never even scroll down a page. So you need to have good information and obvious affiliate links above the fold without looking like a spammy website.  

Bonus Tip!

Also put a link at the very bottom of your article. If someone actually takes the time to read your entire review or article all the way to the bottom, they are probably very interested in buying that product. Make it easy for them and put a link at the bottom of the page.

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