My wallet got lighter, my belly got bigger and my head hurts...
We are all way to familiar with those feelings. Health, wealth, and wisdom are important all year around.  But it is good to have a special reminder during the holidays, with so many temptations to under exercise, over spend, over-eat, drink too much, sleep to little, and so on. Good habits take twenty-nine continuous days to make on average, but can be broken in moments, hours, or days.
It is OK to indulge a little during the holidays...
There is no expectation that you are going to lock your self away to a solidary life of television, naps, and bran muffins throughout the holidays, but try to keep a sense of balance. Here are 15 tips that will help you stay healthy, wealthy, and wise.
1. Avoid the growing holiday waistline.  Watch the amount of sweets, don't overeat in one session, reduce the white poisons (salt, sugar, and flour), and load up on the veggies.
2. Moderate your alcohol consumption.  For optimal health limit your self to two drinks or less per day most. Preferably red wine to get the greatest benefit.
3. Do not drop your exercise routine.  This is the biggest mistake during the holidays, because of the extra food and drinking. If you can not go to the gym, substitute walking and other activities.
4. Be careful about over-exertion, especially with outdoor sports, and if applicable, snow shovelling.
5. Sleep at least seven hours per night. Try to keep your regular routing, even on holidays.
6. Set a budget for gifts. Can you make a gift instead? Play games together instead of giving gifts? Focus on quality time together? Isn't this the point of it all?
7. Make sure you incorporate charity and volunteer work and share your many blessings.
8. Decorations can be purchased cheaply at dollar stores, and unless inspected closely, look the same as those costing several times more.
9. With the end of year coming up, spend some time tax planning to decrease liabilities and maximize gains for the current year.
10. Began planning your budget and financial goals and resolutions for the upcoming year.
11. Do not drive when intoxicated or overtired, ever. Get a designated driver.
12. Learn something new. Expand your horizons, take a class, read up on a new topic.
13. Keep an attitude of gratitude.
14. Re-evaluate habits, scrutinize how you spend your time and create new healthier habits.
15. Focus on building and improving relationships, when it is all over, this is what counts the most.
Have fun over the holidays and be healthy, wealthy, and wise.