Let's get the first one out of the way: Go to journalism school, graduate and start working for a publication as a sports writer.

Now, for those of us who have another career, are pursuing another career path, are still in school, or simply want to earn some or all of our living from our passion for sports and writing, let's explore some further ways. Not every way entails covering an event, team or personality and then writing a sports article. In fact, most will explore other ways.

Here are the remaining 14 ideas for ways to be a sports writer (in no particular order). Each has suggestions for establishing an income stream, or the revenue method is readily apparent. I hope you find some that pique your interest.

2. Start a blog about your favorite team, brand of sports equipment, player, sports town, etc.

3. Contact a pro team(s), and inquire about writing content for their website.

4. Start a niche sports site and promote a product as an affiliate.

5. Bid on short term sports writing jobs on sites like Elance.com.

6. Make screen cast reviews of sports related sites,  highlight the things they're doing right, point out some things that could make their content better and send the reviews to the site owner.  Offer to help them improve. Include your contact info and website, if you have one, in the email.

7. Reach out to a well-known personality and offer to ghost write a how-to book on some aspect of that person's sport. Set up a website devoted to the book. Do it all for a flat fee or split the revenue.

8. Contact sports businesses in your area and offer to help them improve their web presence.

9. If you have a successful sports related social media presence of your own, offer your services as a social media manager.

10. Write an ebook about some aspect of sports within your "zone," publish a website to sell it.

11. Become a contributor to a content site, like InfoBarrel.com, or Suite101.com, and start earning recurring income from revenue sharing.

12. Start a fantasy sports information site or contribute to an established fantasy site. Monetize your own site with Google Adsense, or other ads, but don't get crazy with them.

13. Start an equipment review blog. Works well with sports like golf, biking, tennis and some others. Check your competition before you start, and be unique, genuine and fair.

14. If you have no experience, write a few sample articles, scour popular sports sites for open writing positions and apply as a freelancer, or full-time.

15. Do the same for small and large print publications.

I hope you found some of these to be intriguing. Take them, build upon them or use them to create your own ideas. You don't need to "become" a sports writer, you need to "be" one.