We live on an astonishing planet that is filled with beauty and mystery. There is nothing better than enjoying natural spectacles of nature. Here are just a few worldly creations you should be aware of.

Lake HillierCredit: GoogleLake Hillier 2Credit: GoogleSwimming In PinkCredit: Google

Swimming In Pink

No your eyes are not deceiving you, that lake is actually filled with pink H2O. Lake Hillier is apart of Middle Island which is the largest of islands that make up the Recherache Archipelago in Western Australia. It is about 600 meters in length and 250 meters wide. From above it appears to be filled with strawberry milk shake or sticky bubble gum. How exactly the water appears this way is still a mystery. However some scientist assume that the color comes from red halophilic bacteria in the body of water. Feeling adventurous? Well suit up and dive into the pink water as swimming here is perfectly safe. Take away the coloring and it is just a regular salty lake.

Sheet Of Light

Pillar LightsCredit: GoogleLight Pillar 2Credit: Google

Beautiful isn’t it? If you are thinking these are the northern lights, you will be wrong. This incredible phenomenon is known as Light Pillars. They are created when light is reflected off of ice crystals moving close to the ground. Pillars are not isolated to one country, but they are typically seen in northern regions during the colder months.

Sunken ForestLake KaindyCredit: GoogleLake Kaindy 2Credit: Google

This unbelievable site is located in the Kazakhstan section of the Tain Shan Mountains. Lake Kaindy is the body of water that submerged the forest. This lake did not always exist, in 1911 an earthquake triggered a massive landslide that blocked the surrounding gorge and this created a natural dam. Soon after rainwater began to fill the valley and Lake Kaindy was born, the water eventually submerged the surrounding trees. As evident from the photos above, the only thing that is visible above the surface are tall tree trunks. However, the water is so cold in the lake that below the surface branches and leaves are preserved, creating an eerie under water forest.

Under WaterCredit: GoogleUnder Water 2 Blood Falls 2Credit: Google

Blood In The WaterBlood FallsCredit: Google

Take a look at the almost five-story tall Blood Falls which is located in Eastern Antarctica. The water fall that resembles blood is really just a mixture of iron oxide with tainted salt water. This strange creation was founded in 1911 by Australian geologist Griffith Taylor. Amazingly the red discharge makes the Glacier appear to be bleeding. 

Ash And LightingDirty ThunderStormCredit: Google

When a volcanic eruption produces lighting, it is called a dirty thunderstorm. This phenomenon occurs when ice particles, ash, rock fragments in a volcano plume collide and generate static charges. Although the effects are beautiful from a distant, it can be a dangerous situation for air travelers or anyone living close to the volcano.

Whirling FireFire TornadoCredit: Google

When certain conditions such as air temperatures and currents are perfect, fire tornadoes can be produced. You will mostly find these marvels of nature near wildfires. They can be nearly 50 meters tall and have a life span of about 20 minutes or fewer. These spinning columns of fire act just like regular tornadoes and can uproot trees. In addition, they can blow burning embers and start new fires.

Hole In The SeaBlue Hole 2Credit: GooleBlue HoleCredit: Google

This blue hole as it is called throughout the world, is part of the Lighthouse Reef System off the coast of Belize. The hole is about one-quarter of a mile across and nearly 480 feet deep. These qualities make this one of the most popular dive sites in the world. The hole gets it color from the dense deep water.