Laziness is the main enemy of productivity. It is so difficult sometimes to get started something if we are held by laziness. Laziness is not necessarily defined by doing nothing. Laziness is also defined by doing something else instead of things that you have to do. So how do you fight laziness?

1.     Just Do It

Sometimes you feel lack of energy to start doing something. Cheer yourself up and just start – soon you’ll get involved into the work and gain some energy to continue.


2.     Have some rest

Laziness can sometimes be caused by the lack of rest. How can we talk about enthusiasm if you slept for just a couple of hours last night? Take your time to rest properly.

3.     Set a certain hour when you have to start working

The most difficult part is to start, and then it gets easier. If you need it, you can set an alarm clock and start working exactly when it rings.

4.     Create the atmosphere of urgency

It is well known that you work the best and the fastest when you have to finish very soon. So set a certain deadline for yourself and get to work.

5.     Reward yourself

Create small rewards for yourself for every finished task. For example, when you are done with a difficult assignment, have some tea with sweets.

6.     Imagine what would happen if you didn’t do your work

Not only a reward can be a good incentive to work, but also a trouble. Think of the bad things that can happen if you fail to do the task. You can get punished or even fired. You don’t want that, do you?

7.     Cut your spare time

This is a good way to defeat laziness forever. Try to minimize your free time. The more you work, the more unnatural idleness seems.

8.     Divide your task into parts

The other reason for laziness is the fear of the immense amount of work we have to do. Divide this amount into small parts and do them one by one.

9.     Plan your next step

Sometimes we protract our work if we don’t know what to do next. You should always plan your next step. When you have a clear picture of what you should do next, you move forward faster.  

10.   Do one thing at a time

It may seem obvious, but that’s a spread reason why people get lazy and drop everything. When we try to do everything at once, we often do nothing and get desperate.

11.   Challenge yourself

Provoke yourself. Say: “So many people do these tasks, so why can’t I?”

12.   Note your progress

Your motivation grows when you can see the results of your work. Therefore, note everything that you do and don’t do and look at these notes from time to time.

13.   Analyze the progress of your colleagues

When you realize that your colleagues are far ahead of you, you will probably want to catch up. Competition is a great thing, remember that.