As a boy grows up to become a teenager, there are huge shifts in what is considered desirable and what isn't. Fact of the matter is that many of these items are things that parents have never heard of. Many purchasers get stumped, wondering what the best of 15th birthday gift ideas are. In doing so they may scout the Web for answers. Others may take up the advice of parents that have kids who have grown past the pre-teen stage. While many people are perplexed as to what are the best gift ideas for a 15 year old boy, here is a list of top 10 products that are sure to satisfy him.

RC Helicopters
RC Helicopters are more of collector's items that hobbyists pursue. But this does not mean that there are cheaper and much more affordable ones in the market. One simply needs to scout the market on the Web effectively and they will be presented with the best of RC Helicopters to present a boy with.

There is some debate among parents about whether a cell phone is appropriate for 15 year olds. However, the high-tech world of today has changed dramatically over the past few years and has augmented the social lives of kids as well. In the long run, a cell-phone can prove to be one of the best 15th Birthday gift ideas for boys that will benefit both the parent and the child.

Game Consoles
Boys love gaming and when it comes to playing console video games, they are more than willing to take things to the next level. Certain game systems may be a bit expensive to procure, but there are a few handheld gaming accessories that are affordable.

It may sound a bit weird but 15 is an age where boys tend to socialize more and hence their personality is reflected by the clothes they wear. Jazzy shirts and jeans can make the perfect birthday gift idea for many.

Sport Shoes
Every 15 year old boy wants to own a pair of branded sporting shoes. Without a doubt, this is one of the many 15th birthday gift ideas that cannot fail. Additionally, most sneakers are priced at affordable prices.

Sporting Accessories
Boys love sports. Be it football or soccer, there is no stopping a boy when he want to play with his friends and get dirty. This is the perfect occasion to present him with a few sporting accessories to get him enjoying the fair weather outside.

Certain boys love their fan-fiction and comics. Reading is always something that parents want to encourage their kids to do. Hence, giving him a few books will help not only develop his reading and writing skills but will also contribute towards broadening his outlook towards society.

Hobby Items
Fifteen is an age when a boy needs to learn as much as he can. It is a standing point where he can develop a talent that will still be valuable when he is a man. The best 15th birthday gift ideas in this regard is that of presenting him with an item that will help him augment his hobby into a profession.

A portable media player is something that a boy will truly love. Without a doubt, guys love gizmos and a PMP will be perfectly on par with just what he wants. It can be a little expensive but scouting the net for the best deals will help buyers find the right fit.

Boys around the age of 15 are highly influenced by music, and love sharing it with friends. Getting him an MP3 album of his favorite band or composer will provide him with a lot of entertainment for the dollar.