Dating stage signs

Dating Stage Signs

Having talked about the courtship stage signs in Part 1 let's look at the dating stage signs.

7. Playing Constant Mind Games

There are many mind games that girls play to appear hard to get, such as taking hours or days to respond to a simple text, responds at random times to your messages, playing dumb or innocent, ultimatums and the list goes on…

Some girls might think that playing constant mind games are a good way to test a guy’s loyalty and worthiness. That may be true however at some point you’ve got to draw the line. Gaining a girl’s trust might be a challenge at first but once you’ve gained her trust there shouldn’t be any reason for any more mind games. If there are then there might be other concealed issues that need to be addressed before investing more time and energy into the relationship.

8. Name Dropping Ex

If she’s constantly mentioning her ex in your conversations it’s a possible sign that she is not over him. She could have recently broken up from a serious relationship and is on the lookout for a rebound. Nonetheless never be the rebound unless you’re not looking for anything serious.

9. Ingratitude and Entitlement

I don’t know about you but my mother taught me to say thank you whenever someone did something for me. This simple courtesy doesn’t only apply to you or I, it applies to everyone on this planet so how is she exempt from expressing some gratitude?  Constant ingratitude is her way of taking advantage of you and taking you for granted.

In the past I’ve dated girls who have an innate sense of entitlement simply because society prescribes that superficially “beautiful” people deserve more. These kinds of girls would barely make an effort to show their appreciation let alone say thank you for any effort made to show them a great time. There is no room for ungrateful people in my life and the same should go for you irrespective of how much you have to offer.

Be aware that different types of people show their appreciation in different shapes and forms (i.e. through gifts, words, actions etc.) however if she is constantly taking advantage of you or ‘leeching’ off you it’s time to burn that bridge.

10. Constantly Texting in Your Presence

This applies to anyone who texts or takes calls constantly whilst in the midst of a conversation with you. The key word here is ‘constantly’. The few exceptions are when it is an urgent matter that she needs to attend to which can be easily forgiven, nevertheless texting or calling tirelessly in your presence is anti-social and borderline retarded behavior for anyone’s standard. You’ve got better things to do than to sit there awkwardly waiting for her to finish up her call.

11. Expectations

There’s nothing worse than someone that constantly has expectations from us. Whether it’s to pay for everything (i.e. a gold digger), shower her with gifts, take her to classy places, or be great in bed, these expectations put stress onto the very fabric of the relationship. You may not feel the stress or you’ll simply pass it off as the norm but I’m here to tell you that it is unhealthy and definitely not worth putting up with.

Expectations may be her way to ‘test’ you but in the long-run constant and unrealistic expectations can potentially ruin you financially, mentally and emotionally. No one deserves to be treated like a portable ATM, chauffeur or personal assistant so do yourself a favor and take her off that high pedestal – her beauty is not a currency so stop taking it as one.

To be fair there are certain ‘standard’ expectations that should be upheld such as ensuring her safety and sharing your life with hers however it should not be at the expense of your wellbeing. If you’re paying for her excessive and luxurious lifestyle while you barely have enough for yourself then that is called an irrational expectation. Just ask yourself honestly and rationally, ‘is she expecting too much from me?’ – If you feel used and under-appreciated it’s time to cut your losses and find a better investment.

12. Acting Secretive or Evasive

I would be careful of anyone who makes an effort to cover up their tracks or slip ups. Think about it for a moment, if you were dating someone and they acted all secretive or evasive about certain topics would you trust them? It’s literally impossible to build a healthy relationship without trust – Unless it’s something very personal and sensitive (i.e. traumas, family matters etc.) there is no real reason to act secretive or evasive when getting to know one another.


There you have it 6 solid signs during the dating stage that she is not worth your investment. Now let's take a look at the official relationship stage signs in Part 3.

Note: It is important to keep in mind to look for multiple signs rather than just one sign when deciding to continue to invest time and energy into the relationship.