Here’s a compilation of fun projects to do while wielding your favorite craft weapon.

1.      Glue fun stuff (buttons, feathers, beads) to picture frames to create charming gifts.

2.      Glue fake flowers all over a glass vase and then fill it just with branches or green stalks (no flowers) for a whimsical twist on a classic look.

3.      Make zipper jewelry. Cut apart the two sides of a zipper and twist them into spirals, hearts, and drop shapes. Glue them in place and attach jewelry findings or glue to a headband.

4.      Glue buttons to plain napkin holders.

5.      Glue Hershey kisses to the top of Christmas, birthday or valentine presents in the shape of the person’s name or a heart.

6.      Create permanent, child-proof fruit bowl by gluing fake fruit to the inside of a plastic or other inexpensive bowl in a bright color. If desired, supplement with real fruit for added realistic effect.

7.      Create a flower head-dress.

8.      Decorate a plain hairbrush by gluing colorful buttons and beads to the back of it. Now leave the hairbrush on the bathroom counter as part of the room decor.

9.      Glue an arrangement of feathers, beads, buttons, and fabric to a piece of felt and glue a pin on it to dress up an outfit, purse, or headband.

10.   Create a collar-style necklace to dress up a sleeveless shirt or dress: start with felt, and punch a hole in either side. Thread chain or cord of your desired style through the holes. Then decorate the felt with glue-on beads, feathers, buttons, and brightly colored fabric.

11.   Add a name to a gift-box or storage box by writing in hot glue each letter in the name. Sprinkle glitter on each individual letter for a three –dimensional and eye-catching personalized touch.

12.   Decorate the front of a hard-back journal with a name, letter, or pieces of fabric, buttons, and beads.

13.   Create a holiday wreath by gluing inexpensive red ornaments to a green foam wreath-structure.  Substitute old wine corks, pre-tied gift bows, or artificial greenery for variations.

14.   Create a felt “paper doll” style toy by cutting a body out of flesh-colored felt. Then make clothes by cutting and gluing together pieces to form stylish outfits that can be mixed and matched.

15.   Glue old but beloved shoes back together. Take care to make sure the glue is completely smooth if the glue is put on a surface you walk on, like the sole, of the shoe.

16.   Decorate plain curtains by gluing on silk flowers, sequins, or feathers.

Have so much fun!