1. Located on the North Coast of Cornwall, Newquay is a town found about 20 miles from Bodmin and 12 miles from Truro.

2. It is renowned as being the surfing capital of the United Kingdom and attracts many to its shores in search of great surfing conditions not found in other parts of the country.

3. It has a population of about 20,000.

4. The first settlers in Newquay arrived in the Iron Age where there is now an Iron Age fort and industrial centre that made use of the resources of the trevelgue head where deposits of iron are found.

5. The harbour at Newquay grew out of the natural curve of the headland which provided a natural protection for ships in bad weather.

6. The town of Newquay grew out of a village called Towan Blystra which is Cornish for ‘blown dune’, when the local burgesses requested funds from the Bishop of Exeter to build a ‘New quay’ which is where its name comes from.

7. In 1801, the town was recorded as having 1300 inhabitants.

8. Newquay tends to experience a maritime climate which includes mild winters and cool summers, just like the rest of the British Isles.

9. The population of the town increases over the summer months to 100,000 because of the number of holiday makers that flock to the town to stay in its holiday accommodation.

10. The centre of Newquay’s surfing culture is Fistral Beach that has the reputation of having the best breaks in the United Kingdom as it is well capable of bringing hollow waves and having good sized swell that holds well.

11. Newquay has a reef called the Cribbar which breaks at up to 6 metres but it is rarely surfed as it does not need any wind or swell to break it.

12. Other Newquay beaches include Towan, Great Western, Tolcarne and the nearby Crantock and Watergate Bay beaches.

13. Newquay has many transport terminuses that get people to and from the resort, including a railway station, bus station, and an airport.

14. The railway station is the only branch line station to still handle InterCity trains which it does in the summer months.

15. The airport handles many flights to newquay from many parts of the United Kingdom including London, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich and the East Midlands Airport.

16. The National Express runs coaches from all over the United Kingdom to Newquay especially during the summer months and the town is also supported by a good bus network.