Only Comes Once

Turning sixteen is a big moment in any teenager's life. You see all the hype people lavish these events on the popular show My Super Sweet 16. Granted, you don't have to break the bank with your son or daughter's sweet sixteen, but you do want it to be special. Check out a few ideas that'll help you with planning a memorable party.

Have Fun

Teenagers want to have fun all through their teen years before adulthood. And a birthday party that recognizes that will provide for great memories to the newly turned sixteen year old. If it's a boy's party and they like toughing it out in the great outdoors, renting all-terrain vehicles and having a nice piece of land to explore is sure to give them a healthy dose of adventure. Girls will love to pamper themselves with a spa party decked out with pedicures, facials, back massages and mud baths.



You could always plan something formal like a dance for the sweet sixteen birthday girl or boy. Creating a theme with favorite colors and having plenty of decorations will give the event staying power in the minds of your guests. If a female birthday party and she feels like a diva, zebra designed items and a decked out birthday cake with colorful stripes will make her feel at home. You could also make it non-traditional and turn it into a blacklight party. That'd probably be more fitting for the diva theme.

Slumber Party

Does the guest-of-honor love sleeping in on the weekends? If so, then a slumber party that spans the whole weekend would be a perfect party idea. Of course, you'd need to plan a lot of events so to avoid too many dull moments, but if done right it'd be a memorable party. Plan something special each night; for instance, you can have the first night be dedicated to movies. They'd be able to sit back and grab some popcorn watching movies they've never seen. You might want to get a vote going as to which movies the group will be seeing so no one will be forced to watch something twice. The next night can be nothing but game - truth or dare, have you ever, charades - all fun games that'll have them laughing all night long. The last night can be a makeover night where they adorn each other for school the next day.

Bringing Water into the Mix

If there's a beach nearby or a pool, then hosting a pool or beach party for the sixteen year old is another great idea. Fire up the grill and barbecue ribs and burgers, play a bit of beach volleyball and work on your tan. This is almost a must if you have a summer birthday party. You'd be able to get everyone excited about season and have fun in the sun on your special day.

Personalize It

Whatever you plan on doing for a 16th birthday party, be sure to have the people you enjoy hanging out with present. There are a couple different ways these events can go about. If the guest-of-honor primarily wants to hang out with his best friends, it needn't be too large of an event. Conversely, if she's a social butterfly, then the larger the better. It's always a good idea to keep in mind the personality of the ones being celebrated because really, it's all about them.

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