As someone who just had to start carrying a laptop back and forth, I have to tell you getting a 17” Blue Messenger laptop bag was a good move for me.

I am not big on large brief cases, I find them heavy, as I also have to carry my purse, so finding something to carry my laptop and associated paperwork back and forth to the shop that wasn’t clumsy looking or too big was a challenge.

I had a laptop skinny bag, but then I didn’t have room for my other files and growing office supplies and it was too flimsy to protect my electronics.  But I wanted something lightweight.

17 Blue Messenger Laptop BagCredit:

But after using a soft sided, yet very tough messenger bag, I discovered that I could keep my entire office in this bag and simply throw it over my shoulder or even cross body which is perfect if you don’t want to lose it or have other things to carry.  The size is just right for that.

It is tough enough to carry any electronic devices and a great place to simply store things you need for the car especially if you have DVD players in the car for the kids as an example.

But if your main goal is to simply have something durable, soft sided, and good looking then this messenger bag in a light blue colour is something you should consider. 

Even with all my things in here, it all fits nicely.  It has two zippers so you can get your laptop out quickly or use in the bag.

The laptop section is fully padded and also has Velcro securing straps so that your laptop does not take a bumpy ride.  There is also a divider in the middle of this bag that can detach and move depending on how much room you need in your compartment for your electronics.

It also has a zippered pocket that can hold your cellphone, iphone or other smaller devices, and pens etc. 

This is basically your office in a box.  I like to carry these messenger bags back and forth and keep my laptop and some files with my current papers, bills, cheques etc so that I can have my office at home as well, if I need to do work at home, and simply grab it first thing in the morning to take to work knowing everything is in there and easy to get at.

It has easy access, so you don’t need to tear the thing apart to get at everything.  You don’t have to pull files out to get to your laptop, which was my problem in other bags.  I like the slim and sleek look of these weather resistant messenger bags and I like the light blue colour.  It is cheery and bright.

Black was the traditional styling, but now you can get these messenger bags in many other colours and patterns and accessorize!

The detachable strap works well for when I have to throw it over my shoulder on my way out the door.   This would make a great gift for someone on your list or for yourself.

If you use your bike all the time, also check out bicycle messenger bags that can house your laptop too.