More and more people across the United States, and the world for that matter are moving to the home in order to find a way to build up an income. One does not necessarily have to own his or her own business. With the technology available today, it is quite possible to work from home. One can even set up meeting with the use of certain software programs. There are so many advantages for going this route.

The first thing one has to think about is to find a place to work. This is just common sense. You don't want to  open your laptop on the kitchen table and start writing an article or preparing a spreadsheet, while the rest of the family are making breakfast. You don't need to build a special room for your office either. However, finding an environment, coupled with the right sort of atmosphere is really going to help you out, and this is where learning how to decorate your office will come into play.

Basic Home Office Decoration


Usually you will see this in tones of black and white. Furniture will be on the expensive side, but you can look around at second hand shops for some good deals. You can use wallpaper, decals or stenciling on the walls to bring out your designs even more. Some people like to add a splash of red, for example just for a change.


There is so much that you can do with vintage. You can find furniture and acessories to make this theme and style come alive. Head off to second hand shops, garage sales and fleamarkets for bargains. You can find some old desks, appropriate curtains, great looking chairs and even an old typewriter that you can display.


Retro is definitely something different and it can be a nice way to entertain your clients. You will find bright or neon colors, along with black. Designs that you won't see in the conventional office are present with lots of contemporary art work and wall hangings to create some interest. 


Sometimes you will want to turn the whole office into one that the family can use. This is nice for when the kids come home and they can do their homework. For this you need something practical, but still nice looking. You can turn this into a family room, and it is convenient because you don't have to stop your work every 5 minutes and go and check on the kids.


This is an advantage if you are working in your bedroom or you don't have a lot of space. It is amazing what you can do with either a small or a big space and transform it into a cozy  atomosphere. This is helped along with the use of paint. Use warm colors, stick scrapings and notes on the walls and make use of storage space.


The cottage look is all about color and certain types of patterns, depending what type of theme you go for. Sometimes you will find that the country look is more busy, while other looks are simpler using cool pastel colors.

wall decor


Personal – the Bedroom Home Office

Often there are no extra rooms in the home. You may live in an apartment and the best way of transforming this into something special is with nice looking room dividers. This will make it seem that you haven't just rolled out of bed and started your 9-5 in one room. Decoration can come in the form of something more personal with enlarged boards filled with a lot of different notes of inspiration. In addition to this, color always looks good.


The modern look is very popular these days, and usually comes along with furniture, adding to the appeal. This usually has a color scheme that is minimal is design. The furniture is ergonomic, yet comfortable at the same time.

office bedroom



Simple decoration is also based on the modern appeal. You may have a two toned color, such as red and white, with black wall paper. You have to be careful of choosing something like this, because this may be good to look at at first, but you have to remember that this is where you will working day in and day out and your choice in color will add to the atmosphere.

minimal office decor


White Home Office

White is another popular color, which will do well in small spaces because it tricks the eye into thinking that the area is bigger than it actually is. If the white is just too much for you, you can always add one bright hue, such as blue or red - this may be a cushion on the chair or a rug on the tiles. Some people say that it sometimes looks like an airport lounge if you don't add a splash of color like this.

Black and white

Black and white either looks smart and grand or it can look contemporary. It just depends on how you go about it. This can be the acessories that you include in the space as well as the furniture. This would make up the theme. For example, you could find an antique chair at a second hand shop, but you could also pick one up at a top designer store.


Using wooden floor boards along with a desk of the same texture, complemented with a cactus of some sort will go with this style. However, this is not going to work if you have designer white tiles. You can go for something like teracotta.

earthy home office


Wall décor

A lot of people like to incorporate wall decor in a variety of ways. You can do this with canvases in a contemporary way, depending on the theme and style of the rest of the office. You can even make these yourself. Typography is very popular and can also be inspiring. Using phrases that are created from different objects and textures can be nice as well.

Beach colors

Beach colors are fun and relaxing. However, be careful that you don't chill out too much that you start to dream of the ocean, especially if there is a view.

Small home office ideas

Having a small space is not the end of the world. In fact, some people prefer the cozy feel of this and will purposely find a little nook that is just right for them. This will suit certain people, like writers and programmers. If you are an architecht, for example, then you will need something bigger. In a case like this, you can always incorporate your office with another room, such as a living room or even the attic.

Color scheme

Color says a huge amount about a certain space. It can really set the tone as well as your mood. This is why you have to be careful about how you go about your colors. For example, the minimalism theme is not really for everyone because some people want that cozy look and feel opting for warm colors like red and orange.

color schemes


Use storage space creatively

Even a small office can make use of storage space. There will be space above to create shelving, and of course the shelving you use will add to the theme. For example, as we have discussed before, using different wood will add to the earthy tones.