1. Mice tend to be much more active during the night and so are very much nocturnal mammals

2. Mice do not see the colors we see with their eyes, they see shades of black and White and distinguish some blues but they cannot see red at all

3. Mice tend to eat a general diet of grains and fruit but on the whole they are not fussy about what they eat and will indulge in anything they meet

4. Mice are very clean mammals and will organize their homes into separate areas for food, drink, shelter and bathroom purposes

5. Mice are said to be brilliant climbers but will only climb when they have to, much proceeding to stay on the ground

6. On the ground they make paths through grass and foliage so they can bring water, food and other things back to their nests

7. There are some mice that are said to play dead if they are scared and frightened and have no opportunity to escape

8. The word 'mouse' is an old English word for thief

9. Mice will look to breed all year round and their are no seasonal ambiguities To their breeding

10. A mouse will start breeding after they reach 2 months old which is a young age to start such a thing

11. The gestation period or a female mouse is around 21 days meaning their reproductive process is indeed very quick

12. A female mouse is capable of delivering up to ten litters of young mice every year with each litter containing up to 14 mice each, although the average litter size is around seven

13. New born mice are born hairless and their eyes and ears are closed at birth

14. Did you know that actually Mice have a life span that is between 1 to 2 years?

15. Wild mice will only live on average between 2-3 months due to the dangers of predators hunting them in the wild

16. The most effective mouse extermination methods to catch mice include snap traps, sticky traps and electronic mouse traps where people lay a bait inside them and lay them down in readiness for the mouse to come along and take the bait.

17. There are various countries where mice are used as food for such pets as lizards, snakes, frogs, tarantulas and snakes. Names for mice that people have used when selling mice for pet food include ‘pinkies’, ‘fuzzies’, ‘crawlers’, ‘hoppers’ and ‘adults’.