Best 17 Inch Laptop Cooling Pads

Whether you play on your 17 inch laptop as a professional FPS (first person shooter) or are simply an extensive computer user and are experiencing your laptop getting dangerously heated, then you will probably realise that you may need to invest in a 17 inch laptop cooler pad (aka as a 17" Chill Pad) in order to prevent your laptop from damaging itself (or even you) through overheating due to heavy processing. Below, you will find a showcase of some of the very best 17 inch laptop cooler pads on the market today, as well as some additional options at the end to keep your laptop from overheating.

The Cooler Master NotePal X3Cooler Master NotePal X3 Laptop Cooling Pad with 200mm Blue LED FanCredit: -- Cooler Master

Starting with my personal favourite -- the X3 is a top of the range and pretty awesome looking laptop cooling mat with blue LED lights and visible 200mm fan. I'd imagine the X3 'look' would appeal greatly to gamers. It is said that it reduces the heat of a laptop 'by up to 20%' through focusing airflow on to the back of the laptop, which is adjustable depending on your chosen fan speed. Not to forget its ergonomic design, where you can adjust the angle at which you want to operate on your laptop from.

I should also mention its less expensive sibling, The Cooler Master NotePal X2 , another great laptop cooler pad in its own right, again fitting best to laptops of 12” - 15.4” and up to 17 inches. The main difference being, that it comes with a slightly smaller fan of 140mm, hence doesn't quite perform to the same standard as the X3.

Thermaltake Massive 23 LX Model: CLN0015

A rather popular, and quality cooling pad is the CLN0015 that will again may appeal to some laptop gamers due to its similar design to that of the X3 with Blue LED lighting under a cooling metal framework, however comes with a huge 230mm fan, 30mm more than the X3 yet over 10 dollars cheaper. Not only this, it claims to be 'ultra-quiet' and can push a huge amount of air all over the back of the laptop to prevent it from overheating. Not only this, it contains 'hidden storage space to allow for small accessories' -- ok not too exciting, but pretty useful if you are lugging it about with you. Overall, a good cooling mat for the money value, but perhaps not the mat you should consider if you are suffering with a significant laptop heating, with airflow perhaps not being as sufficient as that of the X3.

The Cooler Master NotePal U2Cooler Master NotePal U2 Laptop Cooling Pad with Two Configurable 80mm FansCredit: -- Cooler Master

A minimalistic and slimmer (and cheaper) cousin of the X2 and X3, is the Cooler Master U2 (specifically designed to accommodate for a 17" laptop -- but you can get the U1 -- one fan -- for a 14 inch and a U3 -- three fans -- for a 19 inch) that comes with two 80mm fans, with "specific convection design to prevent overheating". Like the above three models, it can be angle-`adjusted to your needs to prevent wrist straining etc. and is rather portable (weighing only 730 grams) so it is convenient to carry out around with you if needs be. For those not too concerned with design and are more assured over the performance of your cooling mat then the U2 for your 17 inch laptop has to be considered a great buy.

The Targus Lap Chill Mat AWE5504US

Last but by no means least, the Targus Chill Mat is a large and efficient dual fan based cooling pad (like the U2), dispersing heat effectively throughout your laptop in order to prevent it from over heating. Whilst being designed ergonomically to lay comfortably on your lap, it can also be adjusted to get the right angle from which you can operate on your 17" laptop from. As one reviewer states, about the Targus Chill Mat "Great design, Awesome product, Very Happy With it" which I must say my opinion doesn't differ much, a sound option for someone simply looking to get a nice looking, well performing and quiet mat, but for a cheaper price than that of the X3.

Other Options to Keep Your Laptop Cool

In addition to keeping your laptop cooler through a cooling pad, there are also other options that you can undertake to prevent your laptop from getting damaged due to overheating. The most obvious point being don't rest your 17" laptop on a soft surface such as a pillow or bed, as this blocks airflow, preventing it from being able to cool down. Also be sure to clean and clear the vents, there may be pieces of debris and dust blocking air from passing into the laptop in order to cool it down. There is the ability on some laptops to manually control the air filtering settings but they will be unique and difficult for most laptop users. And remember if it is getting too hot, then just shut it down and give it a break, like they say better safe than sorry. If you have any comments about 17 inch laptop cooler pads and mats or know of any models that you would personally recommend then please do share them below in the 'comments box'.