While the included pieces in 18 volt tool kits will vary a little, most of the sets are pretty consistent.In fact, most of the major manufacturers have the exact same items that comprise their sets.Cordless, rechargeable sets like this are a great gift idea for just about anyone that uses tools on a fairly regular basis.Let's look at some of the more common 18 volt tool kits and sets, and what they are typically comprised of before you make your purchase.


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Almost Always Included:

Drill:The battery operated, rechargeable drill is included in virtually all of the 18 volt tool kits you will get.In fact, if you look at 12v or even 9.6v sets, you are very likely to find the cordless drill as the main focus of the set. There will be very little variance with this, not matter what size battery you go with.

Flashlight:This is the cheapie they give you in just about every single 18 volt tool kit out there.They are more of a bonus item for most, but they can come in really handy.They are a staple in most of the rechargeable, cordless packs you will find. A few don't include the flashlight in the smaller sets, say 4 or 5 pieces and less.

Saw:The type of saw will vary with 18 volt tool kits.Some are going to have a reciprocating saw and others will have a small (generally 6 1/2 inch or smaller) circular saw.Some of the more expensive sets will have both types of saws included in the pack.The rechargeable saws are generally more durable and powerful than one would expect.At least that's been my experience with them.

Sometimes Included:

Rechargeable Radio:Makita and DeWalt both offer 18 volt tool kits that include a battery operated and rechargeable radio.Other model may have them as well.It really just all depends on how many pieces are included with your package. Some of them are waterproof, making them very useable in the rain.

Grinders:These will generally only be included in very large 18 volt tool kits with a large number of pieces, perhaps 7 or more.Makita is just one of the manufacturers that offer a grinder with their set. You will find some others out there too, if you keep your eyes open. 

Sanders:These are somewhat common in 18 volt tool kits that you can buy at most stores and online.You will find all sorts of different types of sanders that are battery operated.Many different manufacturers will include these in their sets bigger than 5 pieces.Of course, it will vary.

Odds and Ends:Impact wrenches and drivers and hammer drills, along with just about any other piece you could imagine may be included with the 18 volt tool kits you consider.These will be less likely to be included in the set than the other items already listed.

About Pricing:

You would expect to pay more for the 18 volt tool kits that have additional pieces, wouldn't you?Most of us would expect it.It's a good idea to make sure you don't buy the extra large sets if you will never use many of the items included with the pack.This just makes financial sense for most people.In addition, you will need to consider shipping and handling costs, so you can do an accurate price comparison. Let's look a little deeper at some of the manufacturers too, so you can make an informed decision about the general pricing you can expect with 18 volt tool kits.


Hitachi:Hitachi make a lithium ion 5 set that's of decent quality.Most of their 18 volt tool kits are smaller, like the 5 piece set.You will pay a fair price for their cordless sets, but will get a decent quality set.The 5 piece set runs about $425.

DeWalt:A bit on the expensive side, but very good quality for those that fancy themselves as more than a novice.They have a really nice 9 piece set that will run you around $900.While the price is up there, you can reasonably expect this 18 volt tool kits to last for a decade or longer.

Bosch:Bosch makes a really nice 4 piece cordless, rechargeable set that will set you back about $525.The quality is similar to DeWalt.They are a quality set to consider. Nobody would be embarrassed to pull out their 18 volt tool kit made by Bosch.You will get what you pay for with them.

Makita:Similar pricing to DeWalt, or just a hair less.You can get a great set of 12 pieces for just about $1,100.Not the cheapest of the 18 volt tool kits, but a very good quality maker.

Ryobi:Ryobi is not made with the same level of quality as DeWalt or Makita, but they are not priced that way.They are a step up from the consumer brands of 18 volt tool kits like Black and Decker.They are a decent set that most people with intermediate needs will be very happy with.

Porter Cable:This is a consumer grade 18 volt tool kit.You will not find near the same level of quality you will with DeWalt or Milwaukee, but you will find a set suitable for the average homeowner looking to do some odd jobs or basic repairs.You can get a 4 piece combo for about $180.

Black and Decker:This is another of the consumer grade sets you will find.While you won't find many professionals using this brand, they are a decent homeowner grade.Pricing on their 4 piece set is about the same as that of Porter Cable, in the $180 range.This is on the lower end for 18 volt tool kits.

Store Brands:You can find these.Many large home improvement centers will have their own brands, many of which are actually made by the same manufacturer.Pricing will vary a lot, but will generally be a little less than Black and Decker. It may be a good buy for you, depending on what you will use the set for. Some will be priced well under $100 for a 4 piece set.