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When it comes to our own birthdays, most of us want that day 100% special. We wish to feel full of joy, to celebrate with friends and family,  and to have the time of our life.

 But sometimes it might prove difficult to find just the right way to celebrate. In the beginning you think that you want something new and exciting, but for some reason or another, you end up doing the same thing as last year and the year before that….

 If you have the tendency to repeat every year the same old stuff, maybe it’s the right time to start experiencing. Why should you do always the same things? Especially when it’s your birthday!

 So, if you are searching for a new way to celebrate, here are some ideas to choose from:


1. Going to a restaurant

This is a classical way to celebrate, but you can make things a little more interesting by taking your friends to a place where they never went before. There are restaurants where you can prepare your own food, different types of cuisine to choose from (Italian, Mexican, Chinese, French...), and even restaurants where you can eat in the dark.

Plus: many types of restaurants to choose from

Minus: kind of passive


2. A cozy dinner at home

Having dinner at home allows you to spend time with friends in a more comfortable environment than a restaurant. You can organize a special dinner or just order from a restaurant, depending on your time and your cooking skills.

Plus: more comfortable for you and can prove less expensive than a restaurant

Minus: eventually, more work for you and more dishes to wash


3. Going to a club

This is a great idea if you feel ready to party all night. You can enjoy the music, the atmosphere and the people. And there is even the possibility to dance, after a few drinks.

Plus:  a lot of elements that can assure you a good time

Minus: sometimes too crowded and smoky


4. A party at home

You can plan holding a party at home, when you want to organize things you way. Being at home offers you a lot of control: you can decide what kind of party you want (a normal one or a costume party), what music to listen, and which persons you want to have around.

Plus: more control and more intimacy

Minus: more time and effort to organize and in some cases you’ll need to have the neighbors agreement


5. An adventure park party

If you and your friends are active people and love to feel a different range of sensations, then going to an adventure park could be perfect for you. There are many attractions to try, so you won’t risk felling bored.

Plus: you can have a lot of fun and variety

Minus: not good for those who don’t love the thrills


6. Karaoke Party

A karaoke night is a nice way to enjoy together and sing all your favorite songs. It's possible to choose a karaoke bar or you can throw your own karaoke party at home.

Plus: good way to energize people, especially those who love to sing

Minus: not very comfortable for shy persons


7. Scuba Diving

In my opinion, this is one of the things that one should do at least once in a lifetime, so why not try this for your birthday celebration? It’s true that it will be difficult to put into practice, if you live in a zone  far from the sea or the ocean.

Plus: one experience which will be difficult to forget

Minus: all of you must know how to swim


8. Dancing

If you love to dance, then you will have enough reasons to do that. It’s your birthday, after all! There are clubs and hotels that organize dance parties on different themes (Latino night, Rock and Roll night). It’s really amazing the energy that you can feel in a place like that. For those who love dancing, going to dance party, it’s a kind of magic.

Plus: you can have a lot of fun; it helps you also to stay in shape

Minus: if some of your friends don’t like dancing, they could be quite annoyed by this party


9.  Playing treasure hunt

There are no set rules for this game, so it’s up to you and your friends to decide how to play it. This game is a great idea especially if there are also kids around.

Plus: great way of having fun, especially if in the group will be also children

Minus: you’ll need a large open space to really enjoy this


10. Paintball

Playing paintball is an exciting way of interacting with friends. You can do this either indoor our outdoor. There are great chances that you all have lots of fun. And it’s also a nice way to do some cardio.

Plus: fun and intense interaction

Minus: you can discover some bruises on your body, after the game…


11. Laser tag

This game is resembling in many ways to paintball. The difference is that it’s an indoor game and you won’t have any bruises in the end.

Plus: fun and intense interaction

Minus: you can play it only indoor, so it’s a pity to do this on nice weather


12.  Barbecue party

Having a barbecue party is a way to spend time with loved ones and enjoy nature, all in the same package. The problem is that the success of this kind of party depends on the weather.

Plus: a pleasant way of celebrating outside the house

Minus: not a good idea for a cold or rainy day


13. Kart racing

Even if kart racing seems an attractive activity especially for guys, most of the girls won’t refuse this kind of excitement. So, if you think that the people of your group will enjoy this, you’ll just have to find the right kart racing track. It’s not so expensive and it could be lots of fun.

Plus: adrenaline, competition and fun

Minus: not so interesting for those who really love speed


14. Casino party

The best is to organize a casino party at home. If you go to a real casino, there will be chances to feel not very happy in the end of the night. There are different themes for this kind of party. Several popular ideas are Monte Carlo, Casino Royal or Vegas.

Plus: great way to interact

Minus: it will demand some work to organize the party


15. Aqua park party

An aqua park party is a cool idea for a hot summer day. :)

Plus:  excellent way to spend the time when the heat becomes annoying

Minus: you can do it only in summer time


16. Going to a concert

If one of your favorite groups has scheduled a concert for a date close to your birthday, why wouldn’t take this as a special gift for you?

Plus: seeing live your favorite group

Minus: probably you’ll have to book the tickets some months before the concert


17. Bowling night

Bowling can prove to a good choice because it offers the chance to interact, to burn calories and have fun in the same time. It’s suited for all ages and it doesn’t depend on the weather.

Plus: a fun way to work muscles and to interact

Minus: can cause back pain or wrist injuries


18. Trekking

This idea is just what it takes for spending a great time, if you enjoy the next elements: nature, walking and a bit of adventure. You can plan a trekking for two days, sleep during the night in a tent and enjoy discussing with friends in front of a campfire.

Plus: nature, adventure and fun

Minus: not for couch potatoes


I hope this list will inspire you, at least for the next few birthday parties. Now it’s up to you to decide what you really want, depending on your disposition, your budget and your friend’s preferences.


All the best,