The 1910 Penny is a very common coin. It was minted in both Philadelphia and San Francisco. There were large numbers of the 1910 cent minted in both locations which lowers the collectable value of them. Like the 1909 Penny these are made of 95% Copper and 5% zinc. These pennies have Lincoln on the front and have wheat stalks on the back. This is why they are called wheat pennies.

The 1910 Penny which was minted in Philadelphia has no mint mark and is worth less than a dollar unless it is in pristine condition. Even if it is in pristine condition it is still worth less than about 10 bucks. There were 146,798,813 of these minted. I said there were a lot didn't I?

The 1910-S Penny is worth a bit more. There were only 6,045,000 of these minted and you might be able to pull in a cool $2.00-$10.00 with one of these. They were minted in San Francisco which is why they have the S mark on them.

The only way to make a decent amount of money off these would be to find one that had an error during the minting process. A few came out 5% off center which could fetch upwards to $400.00 or $500.00 to a collector. These are extremely rare and are not likely to be found but you never know.

The early 1900's coins are not that difficult to find. Pennies are pretty much invisible to everyone except those who collect them and a lot of old coins are still in circulation today.

Although the 1910 penny may not make you a lot of money it is a nice item to begin collecting with. It is a challenge to find but it is findable. Collecting Pennies is a fun and cheap hobby to start out with and can be done by children and adults alike. What other hobby can you start out by buying a 50 cent roll and possibly accomplish something with it?

If the cheap 1910 wheat cent isn't what you want to collect you might want to check out another year. I hear the 1911 Penny was worth a bit more.