Many of the 1920`s costume ideas have to do with flappers and gangsters; however, that is not all that there was to the roaring twenties. The decade was filled with criminals, guns, seduction, and violence; moreover, the best 1920s costumes will depict those four aspects!

I am not saying that these are the only 20`s costumes that you can buy; however, I am saying that they are the best 1920`s outfits to put on for any occasion. What makes them even better is the fact that they can be worn to a costume party or Halloween! Whether you`re headed to a house part with some friends or trick or treating with your children, be sure to consider wearing these 1920`s outfits and you will have the best costume around!

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Dress Up In A 1920’s Gangster Costume

The 1920`s were also called the roaring twenties because everyone wanted to become a boss. For that reason, many of the men dressed up as, a1920s Gangster Costume-Suit, Hat, And GunCredit: Amazon.comnd acted like, gangsters.

With that being said, a gangster costume is the perfect way to dress as a 1920s character for Halloween or a costume party.

You can choose to check out the selection of men`s 1920`s costumes on Amazon or simply create your own homemade outfit using clothes that you may already have in your closet.

In order to make your own homemade 1920s gangster costume, you must:

-Put on your best looking suit. Gangsters in the roaring twenties always wore suits because they wanted to intimidate the others around them.

-Wear a dress shirt and a tie. Realistically, any color dress shirt and tie will work; however, they tended to wear black dress shirts with white ties. This was their way of going against the grain.

-Put on a pair of nice dress shoes to go with your suit and tie. Black shoes are preferred, but once again, any color will do!

-Head on over to your local dollar store and buy a plastic gun. You can choose any type of gun that you want because the 1920`s gangsters carried all kinds!

When it comes to 1920’s costume ideas for men, dressing up as a gangster is the way to go. You can choose to buy the costume or make it yourself...whatever works better for you!

Flappers Are The Perfect 1920`s Costume Ideas For Women To UseWomen's Red Flapper CostumeCredit:

Just like all men were gangsters, the roaring twenties were full of women that were considered to be flappers. With that fact in mind, a 1920’s flapper costume is perfect for a multitude of occasions. You can wear a women’s flapper costume to a 1920’s costume party, a work party, or simply a HalloweenRed 1920s Flapper Costume With Cigarette HolderCredit: party.

In addition, you can choose to check out the selection of flappers Halloween costumes on Amazon or simply make your own.

There are plenty of ways that you can execute some of the homemade 1920’s costume ideas; however, creating your own flapper outfit requires the following:

-Choose a colourful dress that is somewhat revealing. All of the flappers in the 1920’s wore dresses that were revealing in terms of showing off their legs and shoulders. The brighter the dress the better!

-Put on a pair of 2 inch heels. Dressing up as a flapper for Halloween requires the heels to be plain so that all of the attention can be directed towards the colourful dress!

-Head to your local costume store and buy a feather boa to match your colourful dress. It will only cost you a few dollars, so you shouldn’t have to fret about it.

-This 1920’s costume idea would not be complete without a long cigarette holder! Buy one from any convenience store, and put an unlit cigarette in it towards the end.

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All Of The Roaring Twenties Costumes Had To Do With Showing Off!

You will notice a trend in all of the 1920’s costume ideas that are mentioned throughout this article; they all had to do with showing off! Nobody wanted to be the person that blended with everyone in the roaring twenties...everyone wanted to stand out.

Each and every one of these 1920s costumes is over the top because that is what described that entire decade. Every man wanted to have the most guns and every woman wanted to have the most revealing clothes. The twenties were not about laying back, they were about showing off!

I am not saying that dressing up as a gangster or flapper is the only way to go; however, I am saying that these are the best 1920s costume ideas that you can wear on Halloween or to a party!