19.5" Dually Wheel 

Custom Dually Wheels:

If you are a heavy duty truck owner, you probably take enough pride in your truck and the work it does for you to want to customize it a little bit with some 19.5” dually wheels.  You may have picked out a few items from the factory, like the color, engine size, audio system, interior, and possibly extras like running boards and trim.  The problem is, a lot people choose the same upgrades as you, so you end up with a dually that looks just the every other truck on the road.  One of the ways you can change that is to add aftermarket parts such as custom dually wheels.  Changing the rims on your truck will not only make it stand out more driving down the road, but can actually increase performance and longevity.  

19.5" Dually Wheels:

Adding custom dually wheels is the best way to make your truck customized for you.  But just swapping out the same sized truck tire rims may not be the change you are looking for.  Adding oversized dually wheels make it very clear your dually is not straight from the factory.  There is seemingly infinite amount of types of 19.5” dually wheels.  Some people prefer the stock style, but just want them oversized so more chrome is showing.  Others like to take customization to the extreme and get wild looking designs and styles of truck tire rims.  Whatever you choose, it should reflect your personality, and your budget.  This information will help you get the customized look you want for a good price, so you don’t end up buying some cheap rims.  

Types of truck tire rims:

There are primarily two types of truck tire rims- steel and aluminum alloy.  There are other options like carbon fiber, but they are extremely overpriced.  There are both advantages and disadvantages to steel and aluminum dually wheels.  

Steel Dually Rims - The primary benefit of steel dually rims is their price.  They are significantly cheaper than aluminum wheels, and there are far fewer options for customization. Steel rims are heavier, slower, and don’t dissipate heat as well as aluminum.  However if you are looking for a set of cheap rims, steel is the way to go.

Aluminum Dually Wheels - Most 19.5” dually wheels are going to be made of aluminum simply because if you are already upgrading, you want something lighter, stronger, and better looking.  Aluminum is much easier to mold into wild designs, and can be manufactured to dissipate the heat of your brakes better than steel.  Even though steel is rumored to be stronger than aluminum alloys, most of the time that is a myth.  95% of the custom dually wheels you see on the road are aluminum rims.

Styles of 19.5" Dually Wheels:

The best part about buying custom 19.5” dually wheels is the fact that you can find pretty much any style you are looking for if you do your research.  For the most part, you will be looking in one of two types of categories.

Classic Dually Wheels - Rims like Alcoa Dually Wheels look fantastic and really stand out, but without demanding too much attention.  If you just want “classy” upgraded truck tire rims, browse through websites like 4wheelparts.com and search for “classic” rims.  

Custom Dually Wheels - 19.5” dually wheels can come in any shape and design you can imagine.  The metal can be brushed, chromed, powder-coat, black, white, gold, you name it.  Because there are so many options, a great way to filter your search results is to set a budget and not look at any options outside of your budget.  With the tens of thousands of available 19.5” dually wheels, you are sure to find something that suites your style.