1969 Dodge Dart For Sale: Pricing To Expect

In 1960, the Chrysler Corporation introduced the Dart series, a powerful car with a lot of muscle under the hood. Continuous improvements and design changes through nearly a decade gave birth to the 1969 Dodge Dart GTS. This 383 cubic inch V8 with 4-barrel carburetor packs a whopping 330 horses, much to the shame of many big-block cars of its time. Its original price in 1969 was a tad over $3200, but you'd have to pay at least 20 times that if you want one today in mint condition. Of course there are also other Darts from 1969 with the standard 340 cu in and the 440 cu in limited versions, such as the Pro Street, the GT Convertible or the Swinger. These can be had for anywhere from $1500 to about $8000 or so.

1969 Dodge Dart: Making Inquiries Before Buying

When looking for a classic muscle car at a fair price, the more patient you are the more likely it is that you'll find exactly what you want, and at the price you're willing to pay. If you can afford it, even taking a trip to another state to look at one before you fork over thousands of dollars. It's also wise to inquire about the ownership and any racing history of the car. Mileage on the odometer may be a good indication of the total distance driven, but that's about it. Think about the difference between a car that's got 100,000 miles on it but only driven by a nice little old grandmother for trips to her weekly bridge game across town for the last 40 years, and compare that with a car that's only got 50,000 miles but has been a regular at most drag circuits between 1969 and now. That's something you definitely want to know.

Buying A 1969 Dodge Dart: Where To Go

If you're either a nostalgic early baby boomer or a car connoisseur and you must have the GTS, try checking with classic car dealers near your town. You can often find a dealer near you at sites like hubcapcafé dot com, oldcaronline dot com or thesupercars dot org. And if you don't mind paying for the car to be trucked to you from another part of the country, you'll have that many more options.

1969 Dodge Dart For Sale: Is This The Right Choice?

When looking for a classic, always be sure to first zero in on the exact model you want. Very often, if you don't have that at the top of your mind, you can get lost in the many choices you'll be forced to make. Muscle cars from the 60's alone will confuse you, since they all represent the energy, vibrancy, emotions and values of that era. Even if you are set on a particular model, just seeing another beautifully restored classic can often send you into a tizzy about the choice you made.

Genuine Parts For '69 Darts: Online Resources

Of course, with the classics you also need to make sure that you're able to get the right parts to either restore one, or keep a restored one in great condition with original parts. Parts for classic muscle cars aren't usually hard to find online, but make sure you know the exact part you're after. A thorough search will most likely bear fruit. Ask probing questions about the source of the part, how long it was used before it was reconditioned, and other relevant details. Often, your queries will throw up responses that will be useful in establishing a long-term relationship with a parts supplier.

Buying A 1969 Dodge Dart: Proper Paperwork Pays

When you finally settle on a 1969 Dodge Dart of your choice, make sure you get all the documents in good order. Genuine sellers of classics will always have proper records for a car – after all, it's their business to know exactly what they're selling. Ask for copies to be shipped in advance of full payment if you don't think that everything is in order. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of the sale, you have the option to refuse to accept the vehicle. Nearly all states have a cooling off period, or a time allowed for changing your mind if you either get that last-minute bad feeling about the purchase, or have genuine reason to believe that potential fraud is at hand. Buyers are usually protected better than sellers.