Stocking Stuffers for men

There are tons of great stocking stuffers for men out there just waiting to be found. The hardest part for many, once they see some of the possibilities out there, is narrowing it down to just a few gift ideas. 

1) Movies

Is your man a movie buff? Keep him happy and entertained this holiday by stuffing his stocking full of his favorite movies. These are not the easiest gifts to fit inside the standard Christmas stocking but the enjoyment your man gets will be worth the effort!

2) Tools

What great stocking stuffers for men these make. It seems like they never have enough tools but are always in need of one or two for all those home DIY projects that need to get done.

3) Video Games

All those men out there who are true die-hard gamers can attest to the fact that they would love to empty that stocking to find the newest game on the market. So if your man is into gaming put a smile on his face with this great stocking stuffer idea.

4) Fishing Tackle or Accessories

What man does not like to take a break down by the river or any favorite fishing hole? Keep his supplies stocked and keep him prepared to tackle some fun.

5) Rechargeable Batteries

This stocking stuffer for men goes hand in hand with the battery charger shown elsewhere on this list. It is rare to have easy access to batteries when the time arises and you find yourself in need so eliminate the frustration that comes with not being able to find working batteries by investing a little extra in ones he can use over and over again!

6) Flashlights

You need one in your car, another one in the house and yet another one stashed out in the garage – just in case – so why not please him this Holiday with a top of the line flashlight back up? They fit neatly in a Christmas stocking and are definitely a useful household gift idea.

7) Gift Cards

Does your man have a favorite hobby, sporting goods or specialty store that you always catch them window shopping in? If so then these can be ideal stocking stuffers for men. Put a smile on his face this Holiday with a gift guaranteed to make him happy.

8) Game Ticket

Definitely one of the more pleasing stocking stuffers for men. Imagine the look on his face when he finds, tucked neatly in his stocking, a ticket to watch his favorite game or team.

9) Electric Razor

Scruffy isn't how most women prefer there men so keep him trimmed and happy this year with a new electric razor. Obviously these can be used as stocking stuffers or you can simply wrap this gift as well and place it under the tree for the man or men in your life.

10) High Quality Disposable Razors

If your man prefers a real close old fashioned shave – or simply if you just like to borrow his razors from time to time – pick him up some top of the line disposable razors this Christmas. Yeah, they don't sound like the most entertaining gift but when looking at stocking stuffers for men you will find some of the best gifts are the ones that he uses most.

11) Cologne

Just be sure when out shopping for colognes to use as stocking stuffers for men that it is something that fits his lifestyle and tastes. Sometimes colognes can be tricky to pick out because there are just so many to choose from these days. But you know your man and I'm betting you are not adverse to making an exchange if your first choice wasn't his.

12) Manly Body Wash

You may love the smell of lilacs and strawberries but chances are your man does not so avoid choosing a product that is appealing to "your senses" if you don't want your stocking stuffers to be a complete wash out. Get him a body wash that will leave him clean and feeling like the man he is.

13) Sporty Magazine Subscription

Sports fans everywhere can appreciate a subscription to their favorite sporting magazine. Keep them covered with the latest hates and greats of their sport choice. Simply sign them up and slide the subscription notification or the first magazine into their stocking and watch his eyes light up.

14) Battery Charger

Who doesn't use batteries? The need topped with the fact that it is a money saver too makes it one of the ideal stocking stuffers for men.

15) Knives

Especially a great choice for the man in your life whose love travels towards the outdoors; camping, fishing or hunting – the right knife, whether it be survival or pocket, will be greatly appreciated and much used.

16) Power Tie

Ties make wonderful stocking stuffers for men who's careers mandate a professional, business mans attire. Choose wisely, or opt to pick up a couple to ensure your choice is the right one – the one that says, "I know what I am doing!"

17) Personalized Pen(s)

No more scouring the couch cushions in search of that ever elusive pen - Keep your man at the ready with a personalized pen designed to suit his taste. These make good stocking stuffers for men because they can be used in both their personal and professional lives.

18) Vacation for ?

Toss in a ticket (or two) for a cruise or flight with the destination being a once in a lifetime getaway vacation. What more could the man in you life want then a trip to some beautiful place with the woman who loves him dearly?

19) Scratch Tickets

Who doesn't love a good scratch every now and again? What great stocking stuffers for men – they get the chance to try their luck and potentially put some extra cash in their pocket! It is a win-win gift idea because you know if they win something you are bound to get your cut too!


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