What happens if you need to drive someone else's car in an emergency, or to help them out on an errand? Sure, you could just get in and drive, but in many places you would be breaking the law - and face stiff penalties if caught. Luckily, there is an answer to this quandry: get 1 day car insurance.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and usually at the times you least expect them to! It is vital (and in most places in the developed world, a legal requirement) to make sure you and your motor are comprehesively covered in the case of you causing an accident. Most of us don't even think of doing anything else; getting car insurance is a yearly occurrence, just like getting the car serviced, taxed or seen to in other ways.

But imagine you don't need a car insured for a year, but rather a much shorter period of time - perhaps one day, or only a few hours even? There are a multitude of different situations that describe this need in which you may one day find yourself. Perhaps you are helping a friend or family member living far away transport people - say at a wedding? I've certainly been in that situation before where an extra pair of hands on the steering wheel was required, but my car was not available. Perhaps your car is off the road at home, but your driving skills are to be called upon? Again, I've been there too - I drive a classic car, which sadly more often than not is parked down the side of the house suffering from its latest ailment, and so I am frequently asked to run other friends and family about in cars that are not my own.

The good news is that if you do require short term car insurance, there are a number of companies who can supply you with it. But where do you look?

The place to start is with your existing insurer. They are the ones who know you "best" and should be able to quote you on a 1 day car insurance policy. First, ask them if your current policy contains any provisions for you to drive the cars of others (with their permission, of course!) for free. You may find that some comprehensive policies allow this, although you will likely only be covered 3rd-party on the car. Nevertheless, it's better than shelling out money.

If your policy does not provide this provision, ask them for a quote. Try to angle for a discount or "better rate" as a "loyal customer" of theirs, or ask them if they will match the quotes you get from other companies. Using your existing provider is preferable, as it simplifies things greatly.

Next, search for "1 day car insurance" companies, and gather quotes. Cast your net far and wide; prices can vary substantially, and gather quotes from smaller, specialist insurers as well as the big companies. Sometimes the smaller outfits operating in niche short-term car insurance markets can be more competitive on price than the big boys.

"Is it really worth all this effort?" some of you might be wondering. "Just to be insured for one day? I might chance it and drive without cover".

Good luck to you if you go down this route; but bear in mind that if car insurance is mandatory in your state or country, then you will be breaking the law - and if you are caught, the consequences could be severe: financial penalties, revocation of your licence and even jail time, depending on the laws and the severity of the crime. Police are everywhere, and they carry cameras with ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) which are wired up to national computers and can tell immediately whether a given car is insured or not. Furthermore, are you really comfortable with driving someone else's car that you've never driven before? You have a greater chance of crashing a car that you're not used to the feel or size of than your own motor.

So banish such thoughts from your head; take the sensible and legal option, and buy 1 day car insurance to cover you when you need short-term cover.

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