If you are looking for find $1 Lego Star Wars sets, you will have some challenges ahead of you, but it is possible.  Some of your success will be based on the time of year you shop, and other aspects of success will be based on where you shop and how.  While it will not be a super easy task, it is one that is possible and one that I actually completed not too long back.  In this article, I will go over some of the best methods to use when shopping for such bargain, so you can save some money on your child’s Christmas stocking stuffers, birthday gifts, and things of that nature.  Let’s look at how to get some great and fun Lego Star Wars sets for one dollar or less.

eBay Auctions

This is going to most likely be your best method, and it just happens to be the one I used successfully.  On auction sites like eBay, you can place bids on items and sit back and see what happens.  This is what I did and for whatever reason, it was successful.  While I would assume the typical success rate for finding even the smallest Lego Star Wars sets under one dollar is quite small.  Do not expect miracles when you attempt this, but it is possible to find items with misspellings, used sets that are complete, and items that simply are somewhat outdated and not as popular.  It is well worth the effort to try this one out and see what happens.  You just might get really lucky with it.

As you search through the online sites like eBay, keep in mind that some seller can underprice their items, including Lego sets, and charge higher rates so shipping to offset the price decrease.  This is simply something you must keep in mind as you compare the total price of an online Star Wars set purchase to that in a traditional store.

Direct From Lego Website

The Lego Website has clearance deals, where you can find the cheapest Star Wars building sets.  The clearance prices, when you buy direct, are often at 50% or more, once they have been on sale for a while.  You might still struggle to find anything in this price range of $1 or less, but it is possible, especially if the production was discontinued some time ago.  If you are willing to go under 3 dollars, for example, you will have much more luck.  Under five dollars is very possible, if your budget will allow for it.

Penny Auctions

This is tricky, but possible.  You will need to have luck on your side to win and the bids will cost you money.  Most of these auctions get their names because each bid only increases the price by a penny.  So, many times, the final sale price on a 10 dollar item is only 2 or 3 dollars.  The catch is that it costs money just to place a bid.  Most sites charge 60 cents per bid, meaning you could bid twice and already have no chance to buy Lego Star Wars sets for $1.  You need to look beyond the stated purchase price with penny auctions, or you will spend much more than you realize as you pay for the price of your bids.  If you already have an account on one of the sites and you have some bids in it, this might be a good option to try.  If nothing else, at least you will have a little fun with it.

Dollar Stores

The chances of finding official Lego Star Wars sets at dollar stores are limited, but that doesn’t mean they will not show up there once the trend fades and they start to lose popularity.  Plus, since these types of stores often deal with discontinued items, overruns, and buy in huge lots, it is possible.  They do carry name brand items every single day because of the way they buy their merchandise.  Just keep them in mind as you shop them online or directly in the stores.

The most likely option you will have a one dollar or 99 cent stores will be generic equivalents.  While you might not find an official Lego Star Wars set, it is entirely possible that you will find some type of building block toy that is roughly similar.  It is worth investigating a little bit, as it can save you some money as you do your shopping for gifts this year.

Consider Used

You will find a lot of them on sites like eBay.  Look at the description carefully to find out if all the pieces, packaging, and instructions are included.  When pieces are missing, especially those that are of importance, it might make your $1 Lego Star Wars set seem a little less like a bargain.  Yard sales are another option to keep in mind if you are willing to go used.  Discounts of 75% off to 90% off are not unheard of.

Shop Clearance for $1 Lego Star Wars Sets

Stores eliminate the old to make room for the new on the shelves.  In general, the best time to shop the clearance rack for toys is January through April, when stores are trying to get rid of excessive Christmas stock to make room for new items.  The nearer you get to spring, the deeper the discounts.  You cannot, however, wait around too long, since Lego Star Wars sets are hot sellers and are not overly likely to still be around several months later.

Alternatives to $1 Lego Star Wars Sets

If the child in your life would settle for Star Wars key chains, plush toys, trading cards, and things of that nature, you will have a much better chance of success at this low price point.  Be sure to get something they will like though, so they enjoy their gift.

It is possible to get $1 Lego Star Wars sets, but you will have to shop around to make it happen.