It has now been one year since I joined InfoBarrel and I thought it would be a good opportunity to sum up my adventure here at InfoBarrel.

Contrary to my monthly earning reports, I am going to focus on InfoBarrel only.

1. The Beginning

When I started here, I already had 3 blogs but was not making any money with them. I did not know about Adsense and affiliate marketing, let alone keywords/SEO/LSI, etc...

I also had little faith in the possibility of making money online as the only thing I could find was scams.

I did not know either what I could I could write about as there is always someone somewhere who is more expert about a specific topic.

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2. Learning

My adventure here has been a very interesting one so far. I have learned a lot and know now that people can indeed make money online, even make a living of it.

I have learned a lot about online articles in general, about monetizing them, about keywords/SEO/LSI, about articles promotion, etc...

I have also a much better understanding of what are the topics I can really write about with some kind of authority (because of my personal experience about them) and also of what topics may interest readers.

3. Success...

There are many things I have been successful with at InfoBarrel:

  • have fun: I had a lot of pleasure writing my articles, even the ones which are not making any money
  • get to know fellow writers: I am now quite familiar with other active writers, especially the ones who were active last year
  • creating an online presence: people start knowing me and I get friend requests across platforms
  • getting featured: 8 of my articles were featured on the front page
  • Top 100: 1 of my article is in the InfoBarrel top 100 articles

4. and Failure

However, my adventure here is not failure-free:

  • Adsense: after 1 year here, I have not even reached my first Google Adsense check (only half way), despite using the same account on my blogs too (and Seekyt, Wizzley and Hubpages).
  • Amazon: I have only made 2 sales so far across all platforms, blogs, etc... and these were not even big ones
  • keywords: I don't rank well on any keywords I know of (except maybe one). This probably explains the first point of this list.
  • motivation: I have failed to stay motivated at the end of last year and stopped almost completely from December to February
  • I have written several reviews about InfoBarrel but only 1 article was written by a referral

5. My Best Articles

"Best" is of course subjective but here are articles worth mentioning:

Despite being less than a month old, this article is already in my top 3 articles in terms of number of views. Instead of focussing on keywords/SEO, I have tried to write a viral-type article. Worked pretty well.

Interesting that my article about how to get more readers is the one getting the most readers. It is also my article who got most comments and my only article in the InfoBarrel Top 100 articles.

My third article in terms of views and a surprise. I wrote it when I started here so it was probably the luck of the beginner.

6. My Goals in the Future

In view of my failures, many would have probably given up if they were me but I personally still feel motivated (probably something to do with the fun I have here). I have many articles "in the pipe" that are great in my opinion.

Some goals I have:

  • reaching 50 articles at InfoBarrel. Quite unbelievable that I haven't already reached this milestone.
  • getting my first Adsense check. This seems really far, especially as this month was a disaster in terms of RPM
  • getting more featured articles. It is always a great pleasure to be featured and I never get tired of it.
  • trying more viral articles. Seems to work better for me than the keywords/SEO structure.
  • the InfoBarrel Success Stories ebooks. I have bought them and read through them but I need to spend more time with them, especially if previous point fails.

7. Thank You

I wouldn't be able to finish this article without thanking people who helped me so far.

First a bit thank you to InfoBarrel in general. The admins, the site, the community...

Then to people who inspired me, including Vic DillingerIntrospectivejcmayer777X3xsolxdierx3X,  ChezFatKnighttraderdarren-w-graydainthedudeGonzo and some others I must have forgotten.

A big thank you too to those who have helped me and/or supported me: skefflingMarlando and circusmama. I have probably forgotten some names here too.