If you are one of the many teens trying to make extra money, online surveys could be a perfect job for you. Online surveys are one of the most common ways for teens to make money online. It is easy and doesn't require any experience or skill. The only thing you would have to do is answer a few questions and watch your earnings add up. It could be a fun and exciting experience and you would have a say in many company's products. Many survey sites also have other ways of just taking surveys. Some survey sites will give you a chance to win money just for inviting a family member or your friends the site, blogging, reading emails, and some will pay you just for playing games. Online surveys is a easy way for teens to make money.

Things You Will Need

internet connection

email address


Step 1

The first thing you will need is a email address. If you have a email address and internet connection you're off to a great start. You may not make as much as a real job, but the money you make on the surveys could grow to a huge amount over time. You could do surveys that you are interested in. Surveys can be amazingly easy and would make a great first paid job a teen could ever have. It also in my opinion teaches teens the experience and lesssons of a real job that he or she may want in the future.

Step 2

The next thing you will need is patience. Many survey sites that you will come across will be scams. It could be very frustrating to log on to survey site after survey site and many teens will give up. If you think about the things that you could do with the money it will out weigh the frustration. Keep your mind clear. Many teens have made thousands of dollars over the years because of survey sites. If you have patience you will no doubt come across a survey site that's secure, safe, fun, and all in all exciting. Teens are still kids and they need excitement. If there is no excitement in the job a teen will think it's boring and quit. Surveys can be easy and fun.

Online surveys can be agreat way for a teen to get some extra money to buy those new shoes at the mall, or that new game for the playstation. Everyone can use a little extra money and teens are no different. Teens wouldn't have to bother their parents over and over about money because they'll already have the money that they'll need. Online surveys could get teens ready for the difficulties of life in the real world. It can be very fun and useful doing online surveys.

Tips & Warnings

Beware of scam survey sites. Many sites online are tricking people saying that they're survey sites and are not. They are aware that teens aren't as wise as adults and use that to their advantage and lure teens in with promises of big money in a short amount of time. Keep in mind that most scam survey sites will cost a fee to join and does not have any contact information. Most real survey sites will be free to join and will have contact information somewhere around the page to let you know where to contact them from. Scamers do not want people to know their location and phone number. They know that they could get in trouble if someone contacts them and could potentially be put in jail. If you find a survey site that fits you, do your homework and research the site. You could go to a online forum that discuss the survey site that you want. Many people talk about their experiences with online forums. If the survey site that you've found meets this criteria there's a good chance that it is real and you could start your money making journey!