1st Birthday Party Invitations - Make It for the Kids

First birthday is a very important point in your kid’s life and so you want it to be really special. You would like to celebrate this joy with your family, friends and all people you know really well by throwing a lovely party. To begin with you need to pick the correct 1st birthday party invitations. You must have invitations that would be loved by the kids rather than their parents.

There are plenty of designs available for you. Choosing an invitation that would thrill kids is quite a task. You need to design the whole card keeping kids and their fantasies in your mind. The kids should be enthralled by the invitation you send them. You need to go for the themes that are specially designed for the kids.

You can have a theme with many shades of blue for boys. This does not mean that blue is the only color you have when it comes to boys but is most liked by the boys. You can select any color for invitation theme that matches with your idea of the party. All you need to take care of is that the color should not be dull, go for light colors.

Just like blue is famous among boys, girls love pink. You can have your invitations with different shades of pink, bright pink of course. If not just pink, your invitation can be themed with cartoon characters that charm the girls. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, for instance, is a great theme to have. You can design your card in snow white color with fur on the edges.

Apart from blue and pink there a lot of colors those are liked by the boys and girls in common. You can plump for any such themes for your kid’s 1st birthday party invitations. Cartoon characters are the best ones to opt for when it comes to kids. They are the source of immense pleasure for kids. There are plenty of cartoon characters for you to choose for your invitation.

Mickey and Minnie mouse, for example, are most loved cartoon characters among kids. You can design an invitation theme with Mickey and Minnie mouse with your kid’s picture in the middle of it. This would be a common theme for boys and girls. Kids relate to these characters very well.
Remember, you are designing an invitation for kids’ party and so you have to take care that your invitation is simple enough for the kids to understand. You just need to have the message and venue for the parents to read and make the rest of the invitation for kids. See to it that your invitation has a lot of pictures so that kids are attracted to it.

Your kid’s birthday 1st birthday party invitations should be as special for kids who are invited as it is for you. Make an invitation with some soft and smooth material so that it feels good to kids when they touch it. Theme the invitation in such a way that would makes kids feel special and delighted. They don’t need to understand all that is on invitation they just need to feel good about it.