Every parent looks forward for the 1st birthday party of their child. It is an occasion filled with joy and happiness, not just for the parents but also for all the relatives and friends who might be attending the birthday party.

Usually the 1st birthday party is flocked by many people, primarily because they want to share the joy, and secondarily they want to get a see how the newborn has changed in one year since birth.

Even the hardest hearts are known to melt to the smiles of a baby celebrating its 1st birthday party.

While planning for the celebrations, the parents should consider this to be one of the prime events, which will be happening in their lives after their marriage.

Hence, appropriate planning and care by both must take implementing decisions. It should not be a one sided discussion, the parents should be actively involved in the planning and execution of the party.

No form of excuse will be working out this time and people generally tend to give away the leash of such special occasions to agencies that are specialized in the niche due to lack of time.

These agencies tend to plan the celebration very professionally, and you stand to lose the chance of that homely touch for the party.

Keep the birthday party ideas and celebrations to the simplest levels possible. There is not any need to flaunt one's money power for such occasions. People like simplicity and will applaud the parents if the party is conducted with a parental touch.

This gifted touch must be present in everything, ranging from the decorations that are being used to adorn the baby room to the food that will be served to the guests turning up for the function.

Of course, food can be ordered from outside, but stick to simple foods like pizza, burger and soft drinks. Children love such foods and it gives them an opportunity to save the memory of such incidents in their beautiful minds.

Do not be fooled with the idea that none of the guests will be presenting the baby with gifts. Gifts will be showered on the baby, and it is the duty of the parents to see to it that they are collected and stored appropriately.