1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts Traditional, Modern, Flower and Gemstone

The 1st wedding anniversary is one of the most important. It gives a couple the opportunity to reflect on their first year and to reaffirm their commitment to each other. At the same time finances could be challenging. First wedding anniversary gifts offer a range of items to suit all circumstances. Some ideas involve no cost, only a little time and imagination.

1st Wedding Anniversary gifts usually given are as follows. These gifts may vary between countries. The main focus is on gifts given in the USA and the UK.

  • Traditional USA- Paper
  • Traditional UK- Paper
  • Modern USA- Clocks
  • Flower Gifts- Pansy or alternatively Carnation
  • Gemstone- Fresh Water Pearl

1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts- Summary of Ideas

  • Paper- Books, prints, photos, gift vouchers, tickets (sports, arts, holiday, romantic break or adventure), poetry, love letter, money
  • Clocks- Modern or Antique
  • Pansy/Carnation- House display, bouquet or garden bed
  • Fresh Water Pearl- Earrings, necklaces, brooches

1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts- Traditional- (USA & UK) - Paper
Paper must be one of the most versatile materials for generating gift ideas. Common ideas include books, prints and photographs. A wedding anniversary memory book makes a good present as it may be used to record the first and all subsequent wedding anniversaries. However virtually anything can be represented on paper so the only limitation is your imagination. More exciting ideas include a voucher for an adventure activity or if you really want to splash out, tickets for a once in a lifetime holiday. However the most pragmatic and welcome paper gift for a young couple might be money.

1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts- Modern- Clocks

May not be the most exciting gift, especially if everybody decides to give a clock! A classic antique such as a silver carriage clock or an Art Deco clock can be seen as a valuable asset or heirloom that is likely to increase in value. You should avoid watches as these are seen as the modern gift for 15th wedding anniversaries.

1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts- Flower- Pansy or Carnation

Most sources suggest the Pansy as the 1st Wedding Anniversary flower, one or two places suggest carnations. Pansies are relatively cheap so you could fill the house with them. Alternatively (depending on the time of year) you could plant a bed of pansies in the garden for a longer lasting gift.

1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts- Gemstone- Fresh Water Pearls

When it comes to pearl jewelry, the world's your oyster! Pearl jewelry can be very inexpensive, for example, simple but classy, single cultured pearl earrings or extremely expensive, for example, a necklace of natural pearls. In any case, jewelry is very much a matter of personal taste so it would be wise to take advice from your partner's family and friends.

1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him

This is where the flexibility of paper is really useful. How about tickets to see his favourite football team? They say the best things in life are free, how about a heartfelt poem or love letter?

1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her

You could base a gift around the pansies, carnations or even fresh water pearls listed above. Perhaps it would be more exciting to plan and buy tickets for a surprise romantic break to mark your first wedding anniversary.

1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Couples

There are a number of gifts that a couple will enjoy together. You could treat the couple to a professional, photographic portrait sitting. This might be particularly appreciated if they have a young baby. Other ideas that they may enjoy together include tickets for an activity they can do together or for a short break.