Here we have three cutting edge 2-line cordless phones,the Uniden TRU8866, the Panasonic KX-TG6700B, and the AT&T TL76108. All three of these marvels of technology are equipped with a 5.8 GHz digital spectrum, providing you a crisp and clear signal at all times. Each is also equipped with the ability for call conferencing and, of course, 2-line capabilities as well as a handy caller identification system, but that is where their similarities end. The capacities and hardware of each model actually a great deal, and if you have a specific use in mind for your 2-line cordless phone system, running a home business for example, then it is in your best interest to continue reading this review, as it will help you decide what kind of phone is right for you.

The Uniden TRU8866, weighing in at roughly $205 is the most expensive set of the three, and also the system that is packed with the most features. It sports the capability to hold 5-way conference calls, which is handy for discussing projects with clients and outside contractors, as well as a crisp LCD display which will aid in programming your phone, setting up the caller identification system, and utilizing the many other features that this system sports. This 2-line cordless phone also sports intercom and speakerphone capabilities, as well as a handset locator, just in case it gets misplaced, and the system is expandable up to a total of ten handsets. With all of the features this phone system is packing and its expandability, it is by far the most versatile of the bunch, and would be perfect for office or home business use.

The Panasonic KX-TG6700B is the most affordable of these 2-line telephones, coming with a price tag of roughly $129, and is likewise the system that has the fewest extra features. This system sports only a call-waiting caller identification system and handles 4-way conference calls. This system is expandable up to a total of eight handsets that can be associated with the base system, but does feature a handy phone-book sharing capability that extends throughout all of the phones tied to the system as well as compatibility with your home wireless network.

The AT&T TL76108 is a middle of the road model in terms of prices, but not in terms of value. The battery life and amount of space on the answering machine are roughly half of what the previous two, 2-line cordless phones are able to offer, and this model is not even wall mountable. Like the other models, this 2-line cordless phone is expandable, this one capable of maintaining a total of eight handsets. It does feature the ease of only requiring a single phone jack and a spare battery charger.

It seems that the Uniden TRU8866 is the choice for both versatility and value, packing a wide variety of functions that would be useful around the office. This is the clear choice for anyone who is growing their home business, or simply looking to expand an existing commercial operation. The Panasonic KX-TG6700B, though the most affordable, provides a very good value as a 2-line cordless phone. You are not paying for a number of extra features that you may not want or need, which would make this model perfect for home use. At its inflated price and diminished versatility, I would not recommend the AT&T TL76108 for either home or office use.