Car Industry In 2008

The Concept For Future

Nowadays, the inflation prices do not allow us to use our cars. Increase in prices of fuel, unstable financial markets and increase in taxation are the main reasons behind this. These issues and problems have affected the automotive industries in the last 12 months. This article is about the usage of cars in the year 2008.

The economy of US and its value of currency are falling very fast. It has observed and said that if a price of crude oil comes closer to $100, fuel prices will also continues to rise.

Is that really meant that if fuel prices will increase, we will use our cars, Lorries and vans less in the year 2008? Although fuel prices are increasing at the boosting rates, a huge 79% of motorists questioned and said that they had not any mood to change their habit of buying petrol and fuel. In fact they said that petrol prices would have to increase more in the upcoming days to stop them from filling up their motors.

Government seems to be more important than the environmental issues all over the world as 1 over 3 motorists had confirmed that they will not replace their vehicles for more environmentally friendly cars before 2010.

If motorists are unchanged-minded for the increase in fuel prices and are ready to continue driving with their fuel by accepting the road tax and the impact on the environment surely positive times are ahead for the industry in 2008.

Manufacturers have to give advice before doing cartwheels even as general motors’ can seen a promising performance in up-and-coming markets they have seen big losses in both American and European markets.

According to the doubtful economy of the world, it has observed that new cars sales are decreasing by the increase in used car sales. All types of cars sales are also increasing via internet in the year 2008 so it is important for the dealers (new and used) without having internet presence to do something for this issue and set up them in this up-and-coming market.

There is good news at one side for some motorists that the government is looking to penalize the motorists, insurance premium which includes car insurance and van insurance. By doing this, cost of insurances like combined motor trade insurance could fall and savings could be made.

And those motor traders who want to save on their motor trade insurance premiums in 2008 by using a specialist insurance broker has to make sure that they gets the protections at a price that is right.