2009 Honda Civic Si Car Review

Having owned a 2009 Honda Civic Si for just over a year now, I can say that the car blows my mind every single time that I drive it. One word that can describe this car in nearly every single aspect is "phenomenal"; it is not only my opinion, as every single person who has entered my car has felt the exact same way. This can review is aimed at giving you a general overview of the exterior, interior, and performance aspects of the vehicle. From sun to snow, the 2009 Civic Si is the way to go!


This car is definitely an eye-catcher, and a head-turner at the same time; it possesses curves that even Jennifer Lopez lacks. The minor things that differentiate the Si trim level from all of the other trim levels of the Honda Civic are equivalent to adding the final details on the Mona Lisa painting. After seeing the Si trim level, every other civic simply looks incomplete. The 17 inch rims, wind cutting spoiler, oval exhaust finish, and red Si badges make the Si civic unique from the styling of any other trim level. It is hard to explain but these additional exterior pieces make the Si look like the Ferrari of all other civics. The exterior styling of the car looks elegant from the basic body of the car, yet maintains the sporty look through these various accessories. There is no doubt that people will stop and stare when you drive past them in this car.


One word to describe the car when you drive it for the first time is "WOW". Whoever knew that the K20 2.0 Litre inline 4 cylinder engine that comes in the Si could feel like this? Boasting nearly 200 horsepower and 140 foot pounds of torque, this car never fails to make you smile. The high-revving engine can be heard as you redline the tachometer at 8000 RPM through the 6 gears included in the manual transmission that comes with the car. At a bare idle, the engine is as quiet as a mouse; however, when the v-tech kicks in at 6000 RPM the engine can be heard from streets away.

The folks at Honda also didn't skip out on the engine's "extras". The car makes an angry rumble through the exhaust pipe that can be heard from behind the car, while the aggressive hum of the intake can be heard from the front of the car. With the combination of all 3 noises from the engine, exhaust, and intake, the civic Si is a force to be reckoned with.

I consider the car to be best friends with the turns that it encounters because the car is always hugging them! The 265 size tires that came on the factory rims feel like they are sticking to the ground. There is virtually no slip; you can literally put all of your effort into making those tires lose grip, and they simply won't agree. The suspension also feels very sporty and stiff which is great for the handling, but a little bit rough over speed bumps and pot holes. The braking on this car is also untouchable; the four wheel disc brakes can stop on a dime with ease.


The car is accented in red absolutely everywhere. The digital speedometer differs from the non Si trim levels by displaying red numbers rather than blue. All of the seats in the car are stitched with red thread, as well as the stitching in the shift boot. It definitely has more than enough room considering that I weight just over 200 pounds and am absolutely comfortable in both the driver and passenger's seats. Most people remember older models of the civic Si being lightweight cars that had very little room on the inside; however, this new model has maintained that lightweight reputation while creating a new one of having a great amount of space.

The 2009 Honda Civic Si is an absolutely phenomenal car, and I would definitely recommend it to anybody that wants an inexpensive sporty car that is generous on gas consumption. Its exterior, performance, and interior reviews get amazing scores in everyone's books. This car is prices at just over $30,000 Canadian, but it looks and feels like a vehicle that is worth well over $50,000.