Attending the Presidential Inauguration has probably never been is such high demand as it is for President-elect Barack Obama. Since he was elected president in a landslide on November 4th 2008, the Inauguration has become on of the hottest tickets in town. The demand has gotten so high that ticket prices that its been reported that some people are paying 5 digit dollars for a chance at seeing it live. The controversy with this is that the tickets are free, anyone can get them by requesting them from their U.S. representative or senator and while reselling you ticket is not illegal it is frowned upon. "We can't stop people from turning around and selling those tickets, but it goes against the spirit of an open public inauguration," said media spokeswoman Carole Florman. To make things worse, the tickets aren't awarded until the day before the ceremony, so even if you managed to "buy" one from a ticket broker, you won't be sure you have your ticket until January 19th. Until then, they are locked away in a secure location in Washington DC.

Barack Obama at the Capitol The event, or events rather, as there are a bunch of them, the parade, the swearing in ceremony and the balls, has been under construction since the day after the election and is shaping to be one for the history books. The only thing standing in the way now is the weather. If it rains the whole thing could be moved inside and the 240,000 capacity would be whittled down to a few hundred as the ceremony would be moved inside, as it was for Ronald Reagan's inauguration in 1985. Even if it does rain though, it shouldn't dampen the spirits of the millions of people that are flocking to DC and the surrounding area to catch a glimpse of probably the most popular president since JFK.

So enjoy the inauguration, it begins on Sunday, January 18th with a welcome event on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, continues through Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on the 19th, and concludes with the Inauguration Day ceremonies on the 20th. For a full schedule visit