Free Online Taxes 2009

Those who prepared their own taxes are well aware of the time-consuming and rather confusing process that is used to file accurately with the state and federal governments. Many chose to have their taxes prepared instead of having to fill out all the forms themselves. However, free programs can occasionally not provide the most all-inclusive tax information. While being perfect for those who are filling out the most basic of forms, those who have more confusing paperwork such as self-employment taxes, multiple dependents or who are filing for tax write-offs may benefit from a cheap computer program since professional tax consultants can become a bit expensive. Here are a few things that the consumer should look for in a tax software program before purchasing it.

The program should be easy to use and should be able to link to free online tax help. It should offer all of the tax forms produced by the IRS and by each state government. Since many who will be using this service may not have much experience using intricate computer software, the program should be simple to understand and have a clear and precise help feature. There should be explanations for all of the legal terminology and jargon and each step of the process should be clearly explained in laymen’s terms.

The best tax preparation software includes many helpful features that will allow the individual or family to claim the most benefits and get the highest possible tax return. It should catch obvious errors and automatically fill in the form as the user answers basic questions. The best programs find as many deductions as possible for the individual. Some examples of these would include energy efficient appliance purchase, purchase of a new home, charitable giving and work expenses. It should also be able to easily interface with other financial computer programs such as Microsoft Money or Quicken. Typically, these programs allow for the form to be submitted online after it has been completed.

It was found that income taxes were increasingly submitted online last year. For this upcoming year, that number is certain to continue growing. Many people will continue to discover the benefits of tax preparation software vs hiring a tax professional.