The 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin has been one of the most highly anticipated coins to see release in recent memory. This past January, when the United States Mint finally issued the highly anticipated coin, collector's everywhere jumped at a chance to purchase this modern day recreation of the legendary Augustus Saint-Gaudens' designed 1907 $20 Double Eagle gold piece which was never released into circulation.

The United States Mint originally announced their plans to recreate the coin on March 13, 2008 during a calling of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee. The designs were officially displayed to the public on July 30, 2008.

The first coins were then struck on November 24, 2008 at the West Point Mint in 24 karat gold, with each specimen containing one troy ounce of gold. Only 2009 dated coins were to be produced, and as they were struck to strictly to demand, collector and gold bullion investor interest was extremely high. The coins measure 27 mm in diameter and 4 mm in thickness.

In the case of the original 1907 Saint-Gaudens double eagle, the artist's vision at the time was to create a coin with a very high relief, although at that time there was no method with which to produce large numbers of such highly detailed coins as Saint-Gaudens and the Mint had originally envisioned.

During that time, President Theodore Roosevelt had called for a "renaissance" in American coin design. He believed that the coins of that era were not attractive, and hoped for them to take their place at the forefront of the bullion coin specimens of the world. The man who he then chose to accomplish this great task was the well respected sculptor, Saint-Gaudens. Despite the artist's ambitous design for a $20 gold bullion coin with ultra high relief, it was found that it could not be produced for the public using the technology of that time.

Due to these challenges, the 1907 double eagles ended up featuring a standard relief, which was typical of most U.S. coins produced at that time.

In the case of the 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin, there were a number of alterations made to update the original designs, although the coins were based on the original plaster casts for the 1907 version. The coin's obverse displays the Roman Number date "MMIX" for the current production year 2009 and the number of stars has been updated from the original 46 to 50 in order to represent the current number of US states.

The motto "In God We Trust", which was not included on the 1907 version, was also added to the coin's reverse underneath sun's beaming rays. A bigger border was also been added to the coin's obverse and reverse.

The release of the high relief coin has been regarded as a great success, as more than 40,000 coins were sold on the opening weekend, and final mintage numbers expected to reach about 100,000 coins.