At the 2009 WWE Breaking Point Pay-Per-View, all main event matches are fought under Submission match rules. In these particular contests, the only way to win is to force your opponent to submit, tap out or pass out. In the case of one match, it will be an "I Quit" match in which one of the opponents must voluntarily say the words "I Quit" in order for the other wrestler to be declared the winner. Two of the main event submission matches involved top superstars with WWE and they will be title matches. In one match, fan favorite John Cena will do battle with Randy Orton for the WWE Title in an "I Quit" match. In the other, The Undertaker returns to action as he goes against CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Title. Let's take a look at these two compelling WWE Breaking Point matches!

With Lynyrd Skynyrd's Still Unbroken as the rockin' theme song for the Pay-Per-View, it should be an exciting lineup of matches. First up, we have the always popular John Cena in his quest to regain the WWE Championship. Cena has held the title several times and is very familiar with his Breaking Point opponent, Randy Orton. During their last encounter, Cena had Orton nearly beat several times, but the match was stopped due to Orton trying to throw the match, and then when a mysterious fan rushed into the ring to tackle the ref. That fan was later revealed to be Brett Dibiase, the younger brother of Orton's protege, Ted Dibiase. It was decided that Cena would get to face Orton in the "I Quit" match at Breaking Point for the title. This time there's not much room for Orton to escape and many Breaking Point predictions believe Orton won leave as champion. Orton, also known as "The Viper", will have to force his opponent Cena to say "I Quit" and that's highly unlikely from the confident Cena. It's very possible we see Cena once again able to say his catch phrase "The Champ is Here!" following the 2009 Breaking Point Pay-Per-View.

Next we have the return of another popular superstar, The Undertaker. He will battle the current "Straight-Edge" world champion, CM Punk in a submission match. Punk has held the title for several weeks now since defeating Jeff Hardy at a Pay-Per-View. Punk also continues preaching to fans about morality and his "Just Say No" message. Since he beat Jeff Hardy in a "Loser leaves WWE" match, the Undertaker has had his sights set on CM Punk's title, and his soul. It's very rare that fans ever see The Deadman tap out, and would be hard to imagine happening at a Pay-Per-View in his comeback appearance. While Undertaker is aging, he's still a Phenom and still able to dominate opponents. CM Punk may have some tricks up his sleeve though, as we've witness in the past.

The other main event match will feature Shawn Michaels and Triple H of D-Generation X as they battle Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase of Legacy. This match is a first of its kind, a "Submissions Count Anywhere match". Basically, an opponent can be forced to submit anywhere in, around or outside of the arena. So we just might see the win take place in the ring, backstage in a boiler room, near a concession stand, or out in the parking lot of the venue. DX had the last win over Legacy at the previous Pay-Per-View, so these young superstars Rhodes and Dibiase will be hungry to avenge the loss. Breaking Point should be an exciting PPV when it hits the air at 8PM EST from Montreal. Stay tuned as WWE Breaking Point Results come in!