2010 has been filled so far with pop culture events that are sure to translate in some very popular Halloween costumes. Children and adults alike will find the 2010 Halloween costumes to be a lot of fun!

2010 Halloween Costumes for Adults and Teens

Avatar Halloween Costume

Avatar – the most popular Avatar costumes are the main characters, Jake Sully and Neytiri. A lot of the costumes are sold separately from the masks, makeup, and accessories. There are a couple of good makeup tutorials for Avatar on Youtube.

Clash of the Titans – There are several characters to choose from, including the scary Calibos, the handsome Persius or the mighty Hades for men. For women, there are the lovely Greek goddesses Athena and Aphrodite.

Michael Jackson – sadly, we lost the King of Pop last year, but his legend lives on in Halloween costumes. A few ideas include the solo silver glove from the 'Billy Jean' days, or the red leather zipper jacket from the 'Beat It' music video. Most appropriate for a Halloween costume would be his 'Thriller' character. There are many incarnations of Michael Jackson, so it's easy to use your imagination.

Kick-Ass Halloween Costume

Kick Ass – the latest in superhero movies, Kick Ass characters are also popular 2010 Halloween costumes. For men, check out Big Daddy, Kick Ass, and Red Mist. The ladies of course can be Hit Girl. Not in the mood to play a superhero? Dress as one of the many goons in the movie!

Alice in Wonderland Costume

Alice in Wonderland – also for kids, but adults can get very creative with characters such as Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts. These are fun costumes with the bright colors and wild makeup.

Lady GaGa – just about anything goes when it comes to dressing up like Lady Gaga. Her images are all around, from the internet and magazines to television. All you need to do is be creative and bold, and also have her confidence to pull it off!

2010 Halloween Costumes for Kids

Minion Jorge Halloween Costume

Despicable Me – evil Gru and Vector, the precious Minions, and Agnes are examples of Despicable Me characters. Cute movie and cuter costumes!

Toy Story 3 – what child doesn't love the Toy Story movies? They live on in the costumes, the most popular of course being Buzz and Woody.

Prince Caspian Halloween Costume

Chronicles of Narnia – fantasy princes and princesses are popular this year thanks to the Chronicles of Narnia series.

Other popular Halloween costumes for 2010 are vampires (thanks of course to the 'Twilight' movies), Greek gods and goddesses, Iron Man, Shrek, and Disney princesses.