The 2010 Kia Rio starts at $11,695 for the entry level model. The Kia Rio is a top selling car in the Kia Line Up. The low cost of the Kia Rio along with the durability makes this car an excellent choice for a person who needs to buy a new car.

The base model of the Kia Rio comes with a 1.6 liter engine. The base model for $11,695 is only available with a manual transmission. The base model of the Kia Rio is an excellent value but if you begin adding on extra options the cost of the Kia Rio can increase drastically.

The Kia Rio has undergone many changes since it was first introduced to the Kia Lineup in 2000. The changes to the Kia Rio from 2009 to 2010 are all minor. For 2010 the Kia Rio gets an updated front grill.

The 2010 Kia Rio has an estimated EPA gas mileage of 28 mpg in the city and 34 mpg with highway driving. The base model of the 2010 Kia Rio comes with 3 color options. You can get the 2010 Kia Rio In Clear White, Midnight Black, Or Clear Silver. In the other models of the Kia Rio further color options are available including the gorgeous Sunset Orange.

Kia Rio

Kia does not advertise as much as its competitors do but sales continue to be strong for Kia Motors. With the current crisis affecting Toyota, Kia is primed to increase its market share in the United States by continuing to offer quality vehicles and a fair price. The Kia Rio may be a n option for a person who wants to purchase a new vehicle but may be scared or nervous to buy A Toyota with th eproblems that Toyota has been having lately.

Side Impact Door Beams come standard on all models of the 2010 Kia Rio including the base models. Steel beams are used to reinforce the doors so if the car is hit on the side by another vehicle it will help absorb much of the impact and can help save your families life.

All models of 2010 Kia Rios also come with a Tire Pressure Monitoring Service. If any of your tires dip below the recommended air pressure then a warning light will alert you. By having proper air pressure in your 2010 Kia Rio you can increase you gas mileage and lifespan of the tires.

Kia offers many cars for sale but the Kia Rio is the entry level model that is targeted towards someone who wants to purchase a new car yet are on a limited budget. The Kia Rios base model is well stocked with everything you need in a cheap new car to help you not only get back and forth to work but you can also take the Kia Rio on a cross country vacation and be very happy with the performance of the base model of the 2010 Kia Rio.

If you begin adding a lot of options to the Kia Rio the price may jump up to a level that would make it more financially smart to purchase a different vehicle. If you are simply looking to get a base model car that is cheap and will last a long time then the 2010 Kia Rio may be the exact car you need. Image Credit:(Flickr/misscrabette)