Royal Enfield motorcycles are still considered one of the greatest British made bikes of all time even though for the last 50 years or so all of the Royal Enfield motorcycles are made in India. If you despise the Harley Davidson machismo factor so you want to avoid the Harley Davidson Sportster then take a look at Royal Enfield.

Royal Enfield motorcycles are not for everybody. The styling looks as if it has never been updated. If you want a traditional American style cruiser and V-Twin thump then the Royal Enfield motorcycles are not for you too ride.

If on the other hand you want a fun motorcycle too ride that has classic British styling then one of the Royal Enfield motorcycles may be just what you are looking for. With a Royal Enfield motorcycle you will nRoyal Enfield Motorcyclesot have the fastest bike. You will not have the flashiest styling. What you will get with a Royal Enfield is legacy. The Royal Enfield company has been making the Bullet motorcycle continuously for a long time. Longer then even Harley Davidson. The Royal Enfield motorcycles get great gas mileage at around 70-85 miles per gallon.

The bikes look old fashioned but a Royal Enfield will stand out at Sturgis more than any stock Harley Davidson will.

The engines on the Royal Enfields need to be "broke in" properly. Once they are broken in then generally your engine will be almost maintenance free.

The Royal Enfield can go upwards of 65-75 mph but these bikes are designed for back road cruising speeds of up to 50 mph.

The models that Royal Enfield sells in the United States are the:

  • Bullet G5 Classic ($5,995)
  • Bullet G5 Deluxe ($6,095)
  • Bullet G5 Military ($6,095)
  • Bullet C5 Classic ($6,395)
  • Bullet 500 Classic ($5,349)
  • Bullet 500 Deluxe ($5,449)
  • Bullet Electra X ($5,745)

A Royal Enfield motorcycle is not a modern bike. It harkens back to the 50's when men who rode there bikes had grease spots where they parked. A Royal Enfield bike is a great bike to hone your mechanical skills. If you teach your self to make small mechanical modifications it will greatly increase your confidence on not only the Royal Enfield motorcycle but any other bike you may purchase in the future.

Royal Enfield bikes tend to attract attention anywhere you go. If you park at a local bar or store you will almost always get some gawkers and people asking questions. A brand new Royal Enfield Bullet looks almost identical to a Royal Enfield Bullet made 50 years ago. By purchasing a Royal Enfield you will have an instant classic looking motorcycle even though the motorcycle is brand new.

The best way to see if a Royal Enfield is for you or not is too visit the Closest Royal Enfield dealer and talking to owners of Royal Enfields. By visiting a Royal Enfield dealer you can see the Royal Enfield motorcycles up close. The styling may or may not be for you. If you like the styling then talk to other owners and the dealer about your intended riding habits and they can help you decide for yourself if a Royal Enfield motorcycle is the right motorcycle for you.