World cup soccer mania hits South African shores in June 2010 as ten South African cities stage the soccer world cup. The winning vote to host the 2010 World cup soccer in South Africa not only boosts South Africa's tourism and economy but it gives people from all over the world a chance to view South Africa in all its beauty.

South Africa boosts the most natural game parks and surrounding areas to visit the "Big Five". Namely Lion, Buffalo, Cheetah, Rhino and Elephant are part of South Africa's traditional theme encompassing all nations from its rainbow cultures earning it the title of "Rainbow Nation".

If you are one of the lucky people who managed to get their hands on some tickets for the world cup in South Africa, not only will you have the opportunity to experience the most wonderful and beautiful country in the world but you will be able to sit in one if not all of the newly built stadiums
These stadiums are built in the shape of a traditional South African water container (water bottle).
Lending its self to the traditional South African theme, this can be felt throughout the ten South African cities staging the soccer world cup.

Soccer fans need not worry about getting to the stadiums as arrangements have been made to make transport available for all soccer fans to be transported to the various stadiums. People in South Africa are generally friendly, pleasant and helpful.

Not everybody can afford tickets to the stadium, if you are one of those people don't give up hope there is good news there's an almost as good experience in every host city. Fan Parks have been setup all around the country to cater specifically for this unfortunate event should it happen to you. All fan parks are fully equipped with giant screen televisions and will have all 64 matches broadcast live and are free to all.

Tent cities are also being constructed for soccer fans if they cannot find affordable accommodation then they can stay at the tent cities which are focused on backpackers and students.

The 2010 world cup soccer is said to be one of the most memorable and exciting in 2010 as it is the first time it is being held in South Africa, it marks a historical point in the journey that South Africa as a rainbow nation has taken and heralds a new beginning in the global world's eyes.

The important thing is to enjoy the matches and also don't for get to take a breath of fresh air and absorb all the beauty this natural traditional rainbow nation of South Africa has to present during the 2010 world cup soccer.