Star motorcycles made by Yamaha are a great alternative to Harley Davidson motorcycles. With Star motorcycles you do not get the Harley Davidson name but you do get a lot more bike for the money. If you are on a budget and the only Harley Davidson you can afford is the Sportster 883 Low for $6,999 then you may want to consider a Star motorcycle by Yamaha. These Cruisers look great and are very powerful and reliable. For the money you put into a Harley Davidson Sportster 883 Low you can easily get a true "Big Twin" cruiser. Do not be hooked on Harley Davidson simply for the name or the image.

The V Star line from Star Motorcycles is a great choice for a wide range of riders. If you are looking for a quality cruiser with a classic Big Twin cruiser look then the V Star line is where you should start your look. The exception is the V Star 250 which is an entry level bike designed for new riders or those who will only ride around town and back roads.

V Star Models for 2010 With Base Price are:Yamaha V Star 1100 Cruiser

  • V Star 250 ($3,990)
  • V Star Custom ($6,790)
  • V Star Classic ($6,590)
  • V Star Silverado ($7,890)
  • V Star 950 ($8,090)
  • V Star 950 Tourer ($9,190)
  • V Star 1100 Custom ($9,190)
  • V Star 1100 Classic ($9,290)
  • V Star 1100 Silverado ($10,290)
  • V Star 1300 ($10,290)
  • V Star 1300 Tourer ($11,790)

The next line of bikes from Yamaha are the Road Star motorcycle cruisers. Big engines designed for long distance touring as well as looking and performing great as you ride around your town.

Road Star Models for 2010 With Base Price are:

  • Road Star S ($13,090)
  • Road Star Silverado ($14,590)
  • Road Star Silverado S ($15,190)

When you want a high performance chopper styled cruiser that is lower cost than the extravagant Big Dog Choppers then the Raider line up may be for you.

Raider Models for 2010 with base price are:

  • Raider ($14,190)
  • Raider S ($14,790)

The Yamaha Star equivalents of the Honda Gold Wing are the Stratoliners and the Royal Stars

  • Stratoliner S ($17,290)
  • Stratoliner Deluxe ($17,490)

The Royal Stars are great for cross country touring.

  • Royal Stars
  • Royal Star Venture ($18,190)
  • Royal Star Venture S ($19,690)
  • Royal Star Tour Deluxe ($15,190)


The VMAX motorcycle is the futuristic muscle bike that is Yamahas answer to the Harley Davidson V-Rod.

  • VMAX ($19,500)


The Warrior motorcycles are a cross between a cruiser and a drag style racing bike. The Warriors are closer to the Harley Davidson V-Rod then the VMAX.

  • Warrior ($13,190)
  • Midnight Warrior ($13,390)

Yamaha also offers an extensive choice of sport bikes.

When you purchase a Yamaha Star motorcycle you are getting a top quality motorcycle. Dollar for Dollar you will get much more with Star motorcycles then you will get with a Harley Davidson motorcycles. The resale value may not be as high with Yamaha Star motorcycles but you also did not pay as much in the first place.

If you are looking to buy a new cruiser then make sure you at least stop by your local Yamaha shop and look at the Star cruisers. I think you will be impressed. Image Credit: (Flickr/Ozone Ferd)