Well folks New Years has come and gone. The ball dropped and some people are still hung over. I know this because in my day job as a flight attendant a lot of my passengers are sleeping and consuming large amounts of water.

New Years is all about new beginings. People reminice over the last year and think about what to do in the next year. As living creatures we only have two options: to grow or to die. People want to grow and so they make their New Years resolutions. The resolution is the most symbolic part of this fresh start

When I look back 2010 was for me, an utter disapointment. I was in a relationship where I desparately tried to make someone happy who just didn't want to be happy. She showed me just how unhappy she was by finding someone else to make her "happy" and then when that didn't work breaking up with me three times over the course of 6 months or so. Note to Self: Don't take back a cheater, they cheated for a reason. The reason being our relationship was no longer salvageable. It didn't help that I encouraged her to get a job as a flight attendant. She was working for another airline and our schedules rarely synced up. She left me the last time a few days before x-mas and ran off to Las Vegas the next day for a little spontanious vacation. There is more I could tell , but you get the picture. Before she left me, she really did some damage to my self esteem, not to mention my pocket book by pretty much being an emotional and financial burden.

So looking forward in to the future in the following year I have set the following resolutions.

1) To Do a Lot of Movie Extra Work

I have always dreamed of being an actor. Honestly I lack the self esteem and drive to make it big. I did do some background work last year and it was educational as well as a wonderful way to network. I think I could make some friends and learn the ropes from some of the veterans and maybe get my SAG card. I think having dreams to shoot for is important and I have let all my dreams die.

2) To Improve My Writing and Publish Ridiculous Amounts of Awesome Content

I enjoy writting. It's a great way to express myself. I would like to take a couple writting workshops in 2011. I also would like to read more, improve my grammar, and my spelling. I've been out of school for a while and it's starting to show. I also would like to increase the amount of content I have online. It would be nice to make a little pocket money through sites like infobarrel. I made 11.00 on ehow and have 4 .61 in my adsense account. That's not very impressive. It was just be awesome if my writting could at least pay for writting classes and other self improvement stuff.

3) To Travel Extensively. No fewer than 3 foriegn countries I have never been to in 2011

I have flight benefits through work but rarely use them. I am often a little intimidated to travel alone. I have been out of the country numerous times but always with family or on a school trip. This year I realy would like to go to Japan. I've been meaning to go for some time. I plan to go to no fewer than 3 new destination oversease and to go somewhere domestically at least a dozen times. No point in being a flight attendant if I never take advantage of the perks, because otherwise I could make more money else where.

4) To Only Hit on Women Whom I See As Entirely Out Of My League

Ok obviously from reading above I date the wrong kind of girls. Specifically I date the same kind over and over again. A lot of people do that. I date women that are fat, loud, and emotionally unbalanced. My friends think I am a chubby chaser but I rarely get the nerve to approach a girl I like and so I get the "left overs". It's ok to be overwheight, I know it can be hard to lose wheight. But All my girls are fat and angry. That's not what I see as my type so why do I keep getting that. Yeah so basically I plan on only going after girls I perseve as being too good for me because I am shooting too low because of a poor self image.

By posting this I am creating a little bit of accountability. I will check back in at some point and I will refer back to this post when 2012 comes. I'd be interested to know other people's new years resolutions. Let me know yours in the comment section below.