Flower Girl Dress Ideas

A wedding has various aspects that make it such a special occasion. Aside from the gorgeous dress, beautiful shoes, and fine food for everyone, there are also the cute participants like the ring bearer and the flower girls.

If your little girl is asked to be a flower girl or if you are going to buy a dress, for your chosen flower girl, then learning the current trends of flower girl dresses will come in handy. Flower girl dress trends, like wedding dress trends, continuously change, and for the year 2011, these are the most sought-after trends that we've found.  Choose one of these and the little girl will be pretty, cute and trendy.

Miniature Women’s Dress
Nowadays, girls’ dresses tend to be miniatures of elegant women’s dresses. When it comes to flower girl dresses, this trend has also become dominant. With this trend, the flower girl’s dress will have a style similar to the bridesmaids or the bride herself. It can be made with the same material, and it can have layers and spaghetti straps like a lot of bridesmaids’ and brides’ dresses. This trend makes for a more seamless look since the flower girl will match with the rest of the wedding party.  The little one also will look really cute since the style is altered for little girls and won’t be as sexy or alluring as the bridal gown or bridesmaid dresses. 

This year, flowers have become a popular theme and embellishments are not only for wedding dresses but also flower girl dresses. You can have flower embroidery as the dress’ design or have a nice big flower as an accent on the child’s waist, shoulder strap, or neckline. The flowers can be made with soft materials like tulle and satin, and they can also have small gems or sequins in them. You can also opt for real flowers special ordered from your florist to add to the dress.

As the name suggests, this trend makes the flower girl dress look like the bodice and tutu that ballerinas usually wear. This type of dress may use several layers of skirt, typically made from tulle, and may come adorned with silk ribbons and other embellishments such as gems and sequins.  Little girls love this because they like the tutu on the bottom of the dress.  These dresses are cute and light and look very unique.

Pink will never go out for little girls and it is further proof by the blush colored flower girl dress trend. The blush colored dress is made from fabric with a soft shade of pink—a great color to bring out your girl’s cute and sweet side. It can be made from satin, cotton, tulle, and so on. The dress is a great match for girls with demure and naturally sweet personalities. Since it uses a soft shade of pink, it can easily match the white or ivory dress of the bride’s and bridesmaids’ gowns.  Plus, the wedding shoes will be easy to find since there are a lot of pink shoes for little girls.

Finding the prettiest flower girl dress can be tricky, if you have no clue of what kind of dress to get, follow one of the trends we shared today and get your girl a dress she will love to wear on her wedding day.

Pink Flower Girl DressCredit: http://blogprom-dresses.blogspot.comCredit: http://blogprom-dresses.blogspot.com