Duffman Halloween Costume

Duffman Halloween Costume

If you are a fan of the long-running Simpsons cartoon, then you will love the Duffman Halloween costume, new for 2011.  Duffman is a staple background character who is always ready for a good time.  With his athletic build and beer can utility belt, you can bet that this promoter of Duff Beer will be the most popular guest at the party.  Oh yeah!

Captain America Halloween Costume

First a comic from Marvel Comics and now a hit movie, Captain America is a real American hero.  This is not only a great costume for Halloween, but to wear to your favorite comic book convention.  A great way to impress the ladies and prove that Operation: Rebirth turned you from a scrawny scrapper to a Super Hunk!

Red Skull Halloween Costume

Don’t want to be the good guy?  Consider wearing the Red Skull Halloween costume.  He is the nemesis of Captain America and will do anything to stand in his way.  This very creepy and slightly intimidating costume will keep the kiddos frightened right on up to the Christmas season.   Don’t forget to practice your evil German accent to complete the look!

Zombie Pirate Halloween Costume

Let’s see…do you want to be a Zombie or a Pirate for Halloween?  Tough decision, especially since they are both good choices.  Well if you can’t decide, consider a Zombie Pirate costume!  You get all the cool ruffles and tapestry vest of a pirate costume, combined with the gray makeup and laziness of a zombie.  It’s a win-win!

Angry Birds Halloween Costume

Show your love for the latest craze, the Angry Birds game.  Gather a bunch of your friends and be the hit of the party!  The costumes come in Red Angry Bird, Yellow Angry Bird, Black Angry Bird, and Green Pig.  Don’t forget your iPhones so you can show your skills to the ladies!  TIP: order this one early, it’s sure to be a sellout!

Green Lantern Halloween Costume

Another superhero trend for 2011, dress up as a defender of peace and justice not just for Earth, but for all galaxies.  This is a rather fitted costume and doesn’t leave much room for error (or the imagination, for that matter), so choose wisely!

Halloween is a fun holiday and not just for the kids!  Have fun choosing an alternate ego or character, or pretending to be a superhero in disguise.  Remember, you can always go back to your regular life on November 1!