Ah, the start of a brand new year. A new year means a fresh slate, a brand new package of days (365 to be exact) and most importantly, new resolutions. At the beginning of a new year, many people take part in the tradition to make new plans to improve their life. New Year's Resolutions can range from something very large and life altering or simply a series of small things which will make a difference in your day to day routine. The two most popular resolutions have something to do with losing weight (eating better, exercising more) or with more money (getting a better job, getting out of debt, saving more money).

Let's go over "What Should My 2011 New Year's Resolution be?" and take a look at losing weight.

Losing Weight

30.6% of all Americans are considered to be obese and over two thirds of all Americans are considered to be overweight. This poses a very big issue about health, drugs and even money. Excess toxins in the body (in the form of fat) can cause many issues in your health including but not limited to, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, gallstones and cancer.

Being excessively overweight can cause many complications in multiple aspects of your life and it is important to be fit and maintain a healthy diet. For most people, however, it is difficult to try and balance what is good for the body with what needs to be done. Those that have office jobs will usually not get a lot of exercise at their job, and it can be rather difficult to find time to exercise when you get home to a family that needs you and to bills which need to be paid. When being overweight or even obese does interfere with your life and you decide that you've absolutely had enough, that's when the changes begin. They start making New Year's Resolutions to lose weight, but unfortunately, they go about much too drastically to be realistic.

If you decide that you're going to work out at 5 in the morning for a couple hours every day before work and eat nothing but raw vegetables and soy milk, you're only fooling yourself if you think you can keep that up for a reasonable amount of time. Remember, the faster you lose weight, the faster your body will gain it back to revert to its natural balance. Try something slow and steady instead to work with your body instead of against it. If you aren't an active person in the least, do not put your body in shock by going from zero to sixty in sixty seconds. Get into it gradually; try working out 3 times a week and cutting out processed sugars, pop and coffee for a start and then you can always work your way up. Find a routine that can last.