Best New Wedding Trends

The spring season has finally come! The snow is melting -in some states even completely gone -marking the coming of the season. Even today, a lot of women prefer to be June or summer brides. However, if you want to tie the knot with your most beloved at a promising time, both literally and metaphorically speaking, then spring is the best season to celebrate it. It is such a fun season that we came up with this simple list of 2011 spring wedding trends.

These trends are the most popular when it comes to spring - the season of melted snow and blooming greens and flowers. If you are already thinking of themes and styles for your upcoming big day this spring, then here are the 2011 wedding trends you can easily adapt:


As mentioned earlier, spring is a time when flowers come back to bloom. Since this is so, one of the top 2011 wedding trends today relates to flowers. Floral-designed dresses are in demand and many brides opt for big princess dresses with lots of little flower and lace. Flowers are also being utilized in flower-filled decors, centerpieces, arm bands, and other wedding items. Finally, salads with good greens and carefully picked petals from flowers such as lavender, day lily, squash blossoms, and similar edible flowers are also a great addition to your list of scrumptious dishes. With this option, you can make your wedding not just memorable but also healthy.


The beauty of spring resides in the fact that it is the time when plants grow again and people and animals become more active. Why waste the beauty of nature and stick to a simple wedding inside a building? An outdoor wedding can refresh the couple as well as the guests. It can even provide for great videos and still pictures. Plus, brides who want to be comfortable can wear bridal flats instead of heels for their outdoor ceremonies.  There is no doubt that you can enjoy the best of spring with this wedding trend, especially when your wedding is set on a bright clear day, with blue skies serving as your backdrop. 


If you think flowers are too girly, then why not go for patterns? Patterns, be it polka dots, swirls, or whatever your mind can conjure are also on our list of 2011 spring wedding trends. Patterns can be simple or elaborate, depending on your preference. The only the thing that is sure, though, is that patterns can greatly enhance not only dresses but also your wedding decor, regardless if the item in question is a mantle, the cloth lining up the aisle, or some other wedding decor.


For bridal dresses, asymmetrical is the best choice. You can go for wedding gowns that include a one-shoulder design or something asymmetrical at your waist. This one shoulder style will show your beautiful shoulders and accentuate your neck or make your waist look tinier. Both styles are sexy, but not as revealing as tube top gowns are. 


Some people associate the color black with being dark and not warm. However, the 2011 spring bridal trend points to more brides using black because it is so elegant. You can have black accents on your wedding dress—on your gown’s belt, sash, beads, laces, or design. This will make your dress stand out more, especially against the white or ivory. Black accents or dresses with metallic embellishments are also great options for your 2011 spring wedding dress and decor.

Spring will always be a great time for couples to make their wedding vows. This is not only because of the great weather spring provides but also the symbolism connected to it. Spring signifies hope and life - things needed to sustain a healthy marriage. If you have decided to tie the knot this spring, then you can start picking which wedding trend is best for you.

Spring Wedding Flowers

Spring Wedding Flowers